The Empty Hearse

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I Don't Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Baker Street. In her kitchen, Mrs. Hudson serves up a simple if slammy tea and plops down a plate of biscuits, but the biggest thud comes from her ample platter brimming with an initially passive-aggressive guilt trip over not being in touch. When John doesn't know how to respond, she gestures at her own lip and says, "Not sure about that. Ages you." John says he's just trying it out. Mrs. Hudson: "Well, it ages you." She's not wrong, John. Finally, she opens up and says that while she's not his mother, he could have made just one phone call after all they went through. John says he is sorry. Neither of them ever verbally acknowledge Sherlock's death. John says it got harder and harder to pick up the phone. That's a life lesson. The longer a phone sits unused, the heavier it grows.

Back in his office, Mycroft gives instructions on finding the terrorist cell. Sherlock just wants to get back to London -- into London. Anthea says one of their men died to get this intel. All the chatter concurs there will be an attack on London. Sherlock is more interested in finding out about John. Mycroft snarks that he's met him every Friday for fish and chips, but quickly softens and says he's kept "a weathered eye on him." He hands Sherlock a file on his favorite subject. Mycroft asks Sherlock if he's been in touch at all or prepared John. Sherlock gives an absent-minded "No" in response. He's fixated on John's new facial hair. "We'll have to get rid of that. [...] He looks ancient. I can't be seen wandering around with an old man."

Back at Baker Street, John enters the flat he and Sherlock once shared. He's alone with the dust particles and his memories for a moment before Mrs. Hudson follows him in and opens the drapes. After brief small talk about Sherlock disliking it when she dusted, Mrs. Hudson asks John why he's changed his mind and come back to see the old place.

When John says he has some news, Mrs. Hudson is afraid he means bad news, so he sets her mind at ease and says he's moving on. She assumes he's emigrating. He clarifies: "I've met someone." Mrs. Hudson giggles with glee. John admits he's ready to propose marriage.

"So soon after Sherlock?" Mrs. Hudson's delight turns to concern, but she brightens when John shows his resolve and asks, "What's his name?" John sighs and says he's met a woman. Since Mrs. Hudson finds that curious, John grows more exasperated and emphasizes that of course he's talking about a woman. Mrs. Hudson laughs. "You really have moved on, haven't you.

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