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Shit Highway

The previouslies over-share by reminding us that back in Season 1, Nancy had a run-in with Campus Security at Valley State. Hmm, wonder if that's going to come into play this week? Also of import: Andy could duck the army no more, Heylia and Conrad bought a warehouse, and U-Turn told Nancy to get a fuckin' job. He also told her "Sell that brick of weed, bitch, before I kill your kids!" so maybe we won't start writing valentines to U-Turn just yet.

We pick up where we left off last week, with DEA Agent Fundas asking Nancy about his gone-missing partner Peter Scottson. Last week, I mentioned that Agent Fundas looked like the guy who played Tony's Fed buddy on The Sopranos, but I realize now that he looks familiar because he played the forensic accountant on a handful of Brothers & Sisters episodes. Anyway, Nancy tries to stonewall Fundas by telling him she and Peter broke up and that's that. She then proceeds to lie and act sketchy and lie and close her front door behind her and lie some more about how Peter brought her some oranges just the other day. Fundas is either naturally low-key or totally onto her, and it's a pretty easy bet that Nancy will be freaking out over the answer to that all episode. Fundas somewhat bitterly notes that Peter would often stupidly go undercover on his own, but even in those occasions, he'd call. He gives Nancy a card and tells her to get in touch if she hears anything. As he leaves, he turns back and tells Nancy that Peter really liked her, which may be twisting the knife, depending on how much you think he knows. For her part, Nancy's sure rattled.

Back inside, Shane and Silas ask what did happen to Peter. Nancy repeats that they broke up, and when Silas asks if that's going to be a problem, you know, considering, Nancy zombies that "Mommy just knows" it won't be. Confidence inspiring!

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