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Previously on Siberia... you know what? It's already too complicated to explain. The short version is that this is a scripted drama that looks like a reality show gone bad. And in the last episode, Tommy the Saintly Environmental Activist got killed by a bigfoot or something.

Later the same day, everyone's sitting around coming to terms with things. This time, we see some of the camera operators in the establishing shots. I think that's how we know important things are happening. There are some very authentic shots of people moping. Neeko takes a poll of the men, and most of them seem to want to stay. Daniel is particularly affected by Tommy's death because he was the one that Tommy carried to the camp in the first episode. Irene squeezes out a tear.

Aussie Host returns to remind everyone that Siberia is a dangerous place in which it is hard to get medical help. He claims that Tommy died to "a fall," even though the camera operator was also hurt. Anyway, does anyone want to take five thousand dollars and leave the show? Yes! The quitter is George, who is an exceedingly bland guy. We see him go to the helipad and push the Big Red Button. A helicopter comes in immediately, which means there's another helipad like fifty feet away. So George is out. Remember George? I've already forgotten him, and he's still giving a generic "So long, Siberia" speech to the camera.

The opening credits still contain the whole cast, even the people who have left already. That's standard for reality shows, but in this case it means that the people who played Berglind, Harpreet, Tommy and George get to be in the opening credits even though they were only here for one or two episodes. Good gig!

Everyone's sitting around and doing generic camp things. For example, Sam brings some wood to the fire. But then! The Revealer starts wailing! You know, after they made such a big deal about how this is a show with no rules and no guidance, it's weird that the Revealer is disgorging clues about how to live. This time, it's got a crude map. There are two big cabins, a smaller cabin, a giant X and what looks like a fence with four segments. It says, "What you seek you shall find hidden on this map." There's also several bullets and a clip. Or maybe it's a magazine. You know what I mean -- I do not wish to get dragged into a lecture on firearms terminology. Neeko pockets the bullets, and Johnny gets all whiny about how he should be the one with the bullets. When Johnny asks if anyone else has experience handling a gun, Sabina raises her hand. Because she's got a Mystery -- did you notice it? She hardly speaks, but she apparently knows how to use a gun. And she's a girl!

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