First Snow

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Look Out! Weather!

Sabina flips through the journal in front of Miljan. He asks her not to read it (because he has an unwholesome connection with it, which I think has been adequately established at this point), and he calls it "my book." Sabina throws it on the floor and grabs his throat to deliver some threats about what will happen if he touches "that girl" again.

Johnny says they have to keep walking. Daniel wants to stay with Sam, and Johnny tells him that will mean certain death. Daniel is unmoved. Literally; he's not going anywhere. So Johnny and Joyce keep walking and Daniel waits with Sam.

Neeko is using a hatchet to try to get into the Revealer. It doesn't go well, and he resorts to pounding on it a little, just like Miljan did. Esther suddenly claims to notice a strangely-shaped hole, which matches this weird piece of metal she found, and the point is that she found the key. They get it open! And there are gears! There's also rice and sleeping pills and Dostoevsky's The Idiot. That last one is in case the sleeping pills don't work. Further investigation reveals matches, vodka, chocolate, and a fire extinguisher. They're mostly interested in the matches. I approve of Esther's decision to tell them about the key, although I expect she'll still get in trouble for trying to hide it.

Daniel covers Sam with snow and worries. I mean that Daniel is worrying, not that he's piling his worries on top of Sam.

Back at the cabin, vodka gets poured on Irene's wound. She screams, but it's a pretty good idea. Esther suggests giving Irene some sleeping pills, but Annie can tell that would just be for Esther's benefit. Miljan is shouting from the other cabin that he's cold and needs water. No one is willing to go over there until Esther volunteers. She goes in with water and Miljan claims that he didn't do anything wrong by trying to kill Irene. Esther starts to give him water, and he spits it in her face. His behavior continues to be unconvincing to me. He tells Esther that he knows what she took from the Revealer, and she has to let him go or he'll tell everyone. "I think you and I are going to be really good friends," he says.

If she has any sense, she'll just kill him. I mean, he's tied to a chair, so it wouldn't be that hard. The only witness would be the camera operator, and these guys are not getting involved at all. Anyway, apparently Esther stole something from the Revealer. Hey, do you think it has anything to do with the camera operator that she's blackmailing? Or has everyone forgotten about that already?

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