Out of the Frying Pan

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Monty Ashley: B- | 114 USERS: B-
Never Split the Party

Guitar-based sad music plays as we get lots of close-ups. Annie's really good at sketching. Sabina is accounting for all their supplies. Irene has her rock. And Miljan likes his homemade tattoo. As the song ends, Daniel sees a lot of birds in the sky and Sam says the birds are leaving wherever it is they're going. The group reaches a ridge and looks down at a blasted landscape. It's like a giant explosion happened here! And there's no tower to be seen.

Well, the good news is that if they've traveled back in time to 1908 (just after the Tunguska Event), the place is going to be crawling with scientists in a few years. I mean, World War I and the Russian Revolution are going to get in the way, but eventually someone will show up to try to find out what the heck happened. And then they'll be rescued!

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