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The Soufflé Also Rises

Back to those who will advance to the final four: Lee gets 8 out of 12 and joins David in the finals. That leaves the ladies. More to the point, that leaves Whitney and her 5 out of 12 score to join Sharone in the Pressure Test. Sheetal gets a one-way ticket to the finals. The cause of Whitney's undoing? Probably the fact that she oversalted her dish. Or that she used too much garlic. Or that she used canned tomatoes for her sauce when there were fresh tomatoes just a few feet away. Or some combination of all three. Whitney has herself a bit of a cry over the results because, glory me, we've gone nearly a whole episode without someone squirting a few tears.

The next day, we're back at the MasterChef kitchen for the Pressure Test. It's their toughest test ever, Gordon warns them -- much more tough than their previous toughest test ever, which was, what, a week ago? Anyhow, Sheetal -- who is watching from the peanut gallery -- tells us that she'd like to see Whitney "kick Sharone's ass." To prove that she means it, she uses the word "ass" twice. Their challenge will be to identify the ingredients pulled out from under the seats of Graham Elliot's car.

Nah, I'm just kidding. They've got a set of ingredients -- assorted chocolates, oranges, eggs, sugar, butter, cream -- and they've got to turn it into a soufflé. "This dish puts the fear of God into chefs around the world," Gordon says. It certainly seems to have done the trick on Sharone, who is none too enthused about going up against Whitney in what is essentially a dessert challenge. Sharone and Whitney get to make as many soufflés as they like during the next 90 minutes, but they'll only be able to present one for judgment. Let's get ready to soufflé, you all.

So the challenge here, Gordon says, will be for the two chefs to cook at least one practice soufflé so they can figure out how to get the right gooey consistency for the inside of their soufflé. If it's undercooked, the top of the soufflé will collapse, much like my interest in this episode. It doesn't appear Whitney is necessarily up to the challenge, as she starts folding her chocolate into her milk instead of the other way around -- clearly, an affront to all the advances made in the chocolate-combining sciences since the landmark "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter" experiments of the 1970s. Sharone is combining salt and sugar for his soufflé, which also sparks some disdainful whispering from the peanut gallery.

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