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The Soufflé Also Rises

At the 30-minute mark, Sharone gets a pair of soufflés in the oven, just to see if he's got the formula down. Whitney is still struggling with her batter. Then again, Sharone is crouching in front of his oven, watching his soufflés cook instead of whipping up another test batch, so it's not like he's got a great command of this task either. With 20 minutes left, Sharone samples his first soufflé just as Whitney gets her first batch into the oven. Sharone likes how his both taste, so with 15 minutes left, he gets another couple of soufflés into the oven; since they take about 14 minutes to cook, according to Gordon, this batch had better have the right stuff. As for Whitney, she has literally put all her eggs into a single basket. You can cut the tension with a knife, though I wouldn't advise doing so as it will cause your soufflé to collapse.

Back from a commercial, and I trust you've woken up your friends and neighbors so that they can watch the thrill of baking for themselves. No? Well, let me tell you, it is riveting watching two people stare at an oven waiting for their soufflés to rise while a Scotsman yells at them. Anyhow, Whitney removes her first and only batch from the oven, and they look good. Now, she's got 90 seconds to get her soufflé in front of the judges before it deflates. I will spare you the uncertainty by telling you that she makes it. Gordon and the other judges dive right into the chocolate soufflé with lemon zest -- the innards look nice and lava-like -- and polish off the dish without a word. Meanwhile, time's running out on Sharone -- his soufflé is still in the oven and he's got 90 seconds to get something to Gordon and the boys or he's automatically booted. At the 60-second mark, he pulls out the soufflé, covers it with some sugar and -- inexplicably -- sea salt and rushes the dish up to the judges. Time for a taste-off.

Both soufflés were delicious, Gordon declares, but just as there can be only one Highlander, there can be only one winner here... to join, um, the other three winners. OK, so it's not exactly like Highlander. On the bright side, no beheadings here Why am I prattling on about Highlander? Because MasterChef made us sit through another commercial break to find out that Whitney's the winner. "Your soufflé was absolutely perfect," Graham tells her. And Sharone's? Delicious. But a little undercooked -- it need two or three more minutes in the oven, which Sharone just didn't have. Let that be a lesson to you all, kids: never, ever waste your time making a practice soufflé. It will only end in tears. Salty, salty tears. But at least he got a job offer from Joe Bastianich out of the deal.

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