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Oh Deer

Whitney's turn. Her dish is a profiterole with chantilly cream and flambéed bananas. Gordon tells her that he's eaten his body weight in profiteroles in France and that her dish had better be good. It is. What is less good is a story that Whitney tells about how the first time she went into a liquor store was just to get booze so she could flambée bananas. "That is kind of sad to me, actually," Graham says. Sad to the both of us, Graham. It's like America's youth don't even care about drinking anymore.

It's Sheetal's turn. She describes her dish as "one layer of mush followed by another layer of mush topped with whipped cream" though you may call it vanilla custard with vanilla pear coulis and whipped cream. The judges are disappointed by what Joe calls a "half-completed dessert." Lee says he's stoked about his bourbon pain perdu -- basically a French toast with walnut vanilla sauce. "This is simply..." Joe begins. Delicious? Ponderous? Saucily presumptions? "Bad," Joe concludes, after a lengthy pause. Bad as a dessert. Bad as a breakfast. Well, that doesn't sound good. As for Mike, his poached pear trifle with vanilla scented brandy causes Gordon to spit his bite into a napkin. Joe wants to know if there's raw eggs in the dish. Mike hems and haws so long we have a commercial break. Spoiler alert: there are. Joe is disappointed and sends Mike back to his station with his hat between his legs.

Let's have us some judgment, shall we? David, Sharone and Whitney all made stunning dishes, according to Gordon. But there can be only one -- and this week "one" is spelled W-H-I-T-N-E-Y. Whitney yammers on about what this victory means to her, but frankly, she speaks in a register only dogs can hear, so I'm unable to transcribe it. She seems happy enough. You know who's not happy? Lee, Sheetal and Mike, who are all up for elimination. But again, there can be only one. Lee... is told to get back to his station, and he thanks the deity of your choice for pitting him against two contestants who made a dessert even worse than his. At the end of the day, it's Mike and his raw egg spectacular that earn the one-way ticket out of the MasterChef kitchen. "This is not the end," Mike says. Well, technically it is. We shall miss you, man. But mostly, we shall miss your hats and your overwrought expressions. But mostly your hats.

Watch the double episode below, discuss it in our forums, then check out our recap of the second half of the night!

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