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Mae/Claire and Eliza are walking through the park, where Eliza precociously announces that she loves the Rolling Stones. M/C is duly impressed, asking if she doesn't like Britney, being only 8 years old. Although considering that, she was closer to five the last time Brit-Brit actually did anything relevant. I'd like to note that M/C is wearing the purple coat she threw in the rainy street earlier, but it looks pretty good for having been through that. Eliza explains, "Mom says Britney's the devil, and Keith Richards is God." M/C laughs and declares that her mom's a smart lady. Of course, any mystery show worth its salt knows that happiness is the time Something Bad Happens. A creepy-looking man in a dark suit furrows his brow and looks right at M/C. She grabs Eliza's hand to walk away and the man speeds up, eventually running after them. Eliza's duly freaked out now, and M/C grabs her and pulls her behind a hot dog stand -- another brilliant move akin to the hair dye. The man rushes past... to a waiting taxi. Maybe M/C needs some Xanax to go with that hair dye. Or maybe she knows she's the worst con artist in the world. I don't know.

Carlos is in the park meeting with someone who checked out Mae at his request. Her social security number is fake, and Carlos wonders aloud how he didn't see this coming. "I don't possibly know," answers the entire viewing audience. He's offered some good advice: "Don't look for dates in the holding tank."

Meanwhile, Steven is wandering the streets shooting photographs, clearly uninspired. On the same block, Laura exits her building with men behind her carrying large boxes of David's things. She watches as they load them on to a truck and lower the gate, driving them away to charity. She stares after the truck and begins to sob. Not pretty movie crying, but wracking, heartbreaking, gulping sobs. Steven sees her and begins to snap pictures. The Goo Goo Dolls begin to play in the background as he rushes home, puts up black curtains, and pulls out his photo equipment to create a darkroom in his kitchen. He waits anxiously and eventually a beautiful, sad picture of Laura emerges.

That night, Laura and Whitney are in the bar, Laura still trying to convince her that Paul174 won't show. A woman comes up behind them (Edie, Carlos' co-worker) and orders a lychee martini, and the two women decide that enough time has passed and it's time for cocktails. As they wait, Whitney notices that Laura's wedding ring is missing, and Laura begins to tell her that, "this is a very big night for me, as well." She seems to have finally mustered the confidence to tell her story, when Paul174 walks through the door. Before he notices Whitney, she begins yelling at him, and attacks him, ordering him out of their home and her life. Outside, he grins and tries to convince her that he knew all along it was her because the woman's profile was too perfect for him. When all seems lost, he asks, "Okay, if I was going to cheat on you, why would I have brought this?" With that, he pulls out a velvet ring box and drops to one knee. She's stunned and seems not sure if she believes him or not. But his worried face as he asks, "I told you I wanted to surprise you -- will you marry me?" seems to convince her, and they embrace. Let's say for a moment that anyone other than Whitney believes him. Which, by the way -- I believe her falling for this because when you want to believe in someone and also in yourself for not falling for a loser, you can believe what you want to be true. But even if this is all the truth, do you really want to marry someone who thought the way to surprise you when he asked you to spend your lives together was to make you first believe he was dating girls behind your back? Could use some fine tuning, that.

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