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Damien drives by in his Towncar as Roy swings Whitney around in a circle. He pulls the car up in a dark alley. I can already tell that this is going to be a great night for Damien, especially looking at another shady-looking character waiting in the alley outsize a Benz. Damien calls Michael to tell him he's there, but at that moment there's the crack of a door banging open and Michael emerges with a gun, ordering Mr. Benz to leave, which he does. Damien tries to question him and also argue that he wants no part in this, but Michael shows him the duffel bag he's been carrying, which is full of cash. He asks, "You see why I need someone I could trust?" I'd make a horrific sibling of a criminal -- no amount of "but we're related" could make me participate in shady dealings. But that's probably why I'm living a relatively calm life in a cozy apartment with two cats and not jet-setting first class to exotic parties in the Mediterranean. It's fine by me. At that moment, a security guard shoots at the brothers and catches Michael's hand. The gun drops, and Damien grabs it and shoots the guy perfectly in the chest. This might be an indication of the past Michael referred to earlier. Michael asks him if he's okay, but Damien is stunned and silent.

At Ralston, Whitney walks into the lobby from an elevator and sees Steven waiting. She coolly informs him, "My small mind is late for a meeting," but he's there for a slice of humble pie. He can't quite get it out at first, and she informs him, "The word is sorry, Mr. Caseman." He only tells her, "I'd like to work. I'm ready to work. I wasn't ready last week but I'm ready now. Thanks to you, actually." Hmmm. So, not so much tuck in to the humble pie, but maybe sniff the air a little bit after it comes out of the oven and try to tell if it's cool enough for a slice yet. He's clean-shaven, though, which is a good first step, and tells her that she went looking for someone most people would like to forget. She's cautious, but tells him that she might have a job for him and to bring his portfolio and a zipped mouth the following week. He makes a zipping motion on his lips, and turns and leaves.

Michael, hand in a cast, approaches Damien with an envelope. Even though Damien still wants to stay up-and-up, it's hard to ignore that he was just handed enough to cover his gambling debts. Michael argues that Damien saved his life and deserves the money, Damien argues back that he killed someone. Potato/Potahto. Michael's also impressed by his sharp shooting, and tells his little brother, "You can't change who you are, D." Damien tries to say that's not who he is anymore, but it seems futile. Michael then offers him a job: he says that "friends" are looking for a runaway. Before Damien can protest, Michael argues that he might see her while he's driving, and that it would be serious money. He hands Damien a photo and walks away. Everyone's Favorite Wig makes one more appearance, as of course it is Mae's booking photo.

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