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At Laura's house, Mae/Claire gazes at photos as Laura nervously bustles around, getting ready to leave for her first job interview. M/C stops her to apologetically say she doesn't think she can keep the job. Laura is both disappointed and understandably annoyed, saying she thought it was going well. Mae assures her it is, but that she has things to work out. Laura Gets It; she asks Mae/Claire what's going on and tells her, "You know, when David died, six months ago, the bottom just dropped out of my life. But I can tell you that there's a way back. From... anything. And if you want to stay here with us while you're dealing with whatever it is, we would love you have you. But if you don't, I understand. Okay?" "Okay." With that, Laura becomes not just the most understanding and cool boss ever, but one of the most understanding and cool people ever. Mae would do well to stick to this one, and I think she knows it, trying not to cry.

Inside the much more crowded bar where Steven and Damien had been previously, Damien is having a beer at the counter, wearing street clothes, and Carlos comes in to join him. Damien's buying him as many, "thanks for helping me not get walloped" beers as he can drink. Carlos tells him about his crazy week, but also that he feels more like himself than he has in forever, and it's all because of this mysterious girl. Yes, Carlos, this mysterious girl that BY ALL INDICATIONS NEVER WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, but to him that means she made him a better person. Damien laughs, and they clink glasses. "To Mae." They look over at a couple making out at a neighboring table -- there's a woman with short dark hair and they clink to her as well. When they finally come up for oxygen... the other pair of lips are attached to none other than Paul174. Way to celebrate your engagement, buddy.

Whitney is more traditional, sitting at her desk and admiring her ring, while looking at a picture of a wedding gown. I wanted to not like her, I'm lukewarm on Bridget Moynahan, but for some reason I do like her and I really hope she finds out sooner than later.

Steven is skulking around, and watches from around a pillar as Max, carrying a guitar case, runs up to who is presumably his mother.

Laura, in her Sonic Youth tee, sleeps cradling her daughter.

Mae and her bulging bags get onto the subway and sit down, and when she looks up, she's sitting across from Carlos. To Carlos I just say, this only MAY be better than the crazy old lady you were sitting near a couple of days ago. Be careful! She stares at him and he stares back, recognition finally dawning. Each gradually smiles, and she gets up to sit next to him. Carlos couldn't resist one more voice over: "There's a theory, that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people. No one is a stranger, for long." And with that, let their actual stories begin next week.

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