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Carlos has been thinking his way through this monologue for quite a while -- he's not at his desk as his co-workers sing happy birthday and give him a big cupcake with a candle in it. He says something about chance or fate being the only thing that separates everyone, but I'm too busy thinking about the last time I was in New York and was introduced to Magnolia Bakery, and now I want a ginormous cupcake of my own. He makes a wish, and you can almost see him mouthing the words, "I hope this show is a success." His Gruff But Loveable boss tells him, "Eat fast, there's a new batch in holding."

Oh good lord, Carlos is STILL voiceovering. "You go through your life, your daily struggles. You think you're alone, but you're not." Finally, we get some actual acting -- he calls "Mae Anderson" and from behind the hookers comes wiggy. Jiminy Christmas, then his VO continues. This is insane. "8 million people in this city. And any one of them, any one at any time can walk into your life and change it. Forever." There's a lot of Deep Staring between the two and at long last, he's finally done blathering, five hours into this episode.

Carlos is going through the charges and trying not to laugh at the indecent exposure. The cops also got her for resisting arrest, and she explains it's because she thought it wasn't a big deal. I feel like somehow hijacking a moving garbage truck might also be on the list, but they let her slide on that one. He asks her why she did it but he's cute and embarrassed and can't get out any actual words until she prompts him, "Took it off?" She explains that she got caught up in the spirit of the city and the colors, and it just having rained... you know, I love a beautiful morning more than anyone, but my clothes are staying on. She explains that she wanted to be "one of those ladies on the front of a ship." Aha, I'd say she achieved that, and I'm rather proud of myself for pegging the Rolls reference. After Carlos puts them on a first-name basis, she asks what happens next. Next would be Carlos running into the courtroom and begging the DA for a favor. Harry isn't so interested in helping, as he gave favors up for lent. Carlos forges ahead, however, with a story about his cousin. I think Harry sees through it and just keeps demanding to know if she's hot. Carlos tries to play it off that he'd never think about his cousin like that, but finally concedes that she is. ("It was just one time, when we were young and didn't know what we were doing!") Next thing you know, Mae is skipping out of the courthouse thanking Carlos profusely. She kisses him on the lips and he tells her he hopes to see her sometime. "Of course you will," she says breezily and leaves. I guess she's hoping to just run into him in this little hamlet they both call home, since she doesn't appear to give him any of her contact information. Of course, this being the Magic of Television, I wonder if one day that might just happen. I shall hold my breath.

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