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As Mae walks away, she bumps into a woman walking the other way -- Whitney, who we met briefly while she jogged earlier. She looks spectacular in a long cream coat with her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail. When she walks into her office, which I'm guessing is for a company called Ralston from a giant sign that says "Ralston" behind the receptionist desk (see Mom and Dad? All that college paid off.) her assistant greets her with a mug of coffee and four messages from her boss to come see him upstairs. She hands the mug back, clearly worried, and heads in. Once her coat is off she looks too skinny, and the strange low-necked sweater she's got over a button-up shirt is not helping. It seems to be hanging off of her tiny frame, rather than fitting it sleekly as I think it's supposed to do. But I digress. She immediately launches into a defense of her work and an explanation of why they lost a client -- which involved the client using their company and someone pinching her ass. She goes on and on, all the while with her boss trying to break in, until she finally yells that she really should be getting a promotion instead of getting fired. Guess what? She is. Once she's convinced he's telling the truth, they embrace and she looks absolutely ecstatic. She's being made partner, and he adds, "youngest in the firm's history. I know your need to quantify."

Outside, a driver pulls up to the curb -- Damien, who had been reading the paper earlier. His client appears to love him and tips him $100 for the ride. As Damien walks back around his car, the cop from the fine, fine, R. Kelly masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet starts giving him shit. But where is his wife? Making him a pie out of pears? And a midget in the cabinet? I feel cheated. Cop's name is actually Michael, and he's actually as far from a cop in this role as one could be. He ribs Damien about his job, and while he says he likes the people and it pays well, Michael doesn't buy it and offers that Damien can come work with him. He's not interested, but Michael continues trying to convince his little brother that he's legit. He makes a crack about how if Damien hadn't gotten busted, it would be the two of them driven around in the back of a car like this, then restates his offer and takes off.

A school bell rings, and kids file out of a building as a scruffy-looking man with a red nose watches. Meet Steven, an older, but hot, Campbell Scott. He plays with a magic 8-ball that he's holding (I carry mine in my purse, actually, but he's got his out for the world to see) and asks "Am I still alive?" He smiles ruefully as it answers, "Outlook not so good." Man, this show is deep. Can you tell how deep it is? Can't you tell, and if you couldn't, weren't you already told by the voiceover? It's the nuances, I tell you. A boy named Max exits the building and Steven calls out to him. Predictably, this is Steven's son who warns him that his mom would freak if she knew he was there, but Steven doesn't care since he hasn't seen Max in four months. He asks his dad if he's okay, and Steven tells him that he's doing better. There's awkward talk between the two of them -- when Max asks if he's coming home, Steven answers by telling him about his tiny apartment and making excuses for not inviting Max there. He gives Max the 8-ball, adding, "Try not to get behind it." Max doesn't question what the hell that means, so I'll guess he's a precocious child who already understands the tough ways of the world. Max actually seems to start to drop his guard, but when Steven asks if they can hang out, Max tells him he has guitar lessons. It seems to be news to Steven, though it obviously shouldn't be, and though he covers Max's guard is back up again. He says he'll be in touch, which Max seems to accept while not really believing, and they hug.

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