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It's nighttime, and Damien is driving a man across town, chatting at him about how this is the easiest time of day to get across the city. Apparently allergic to friendly people making conversation, the man sits sullenly holding a bouquet of flowers. Cut to Mr. Sullen entering a beautiful apartment, calling hello in a British accent I, for some reason, felt sure was a bad fake until I looked him up and saw that he's actually British. Whoopsie, sorry about that! No one is inside, but a note is propped against a flute of champagne that directs him to the roof. He heads up with the flowers, and there is a gorgeous-looking Whitney setting a table among lots of candles. The setting is amazing, and he's grinning but protests that he wanted to take her out that night, since it's her big day. They sit and she explains that it was a great day, but she didn't want it to be all about her. With that, she slides a note towards him. When he turns it over it says (in kind of ugly calligraphy -- sorry, Whit, but couldn't you have found someone to do that for you?) Will you marry me? He's absolutely stunned but she's beaming and tells him it's time, and it seems that he's wanted this but she has been holding out. He jokes that "It's been so long my mother's stopped pressuring me." Finally, he gets a name -- Roy. Roy pulls her onto his lap and tells her that he wants to marry her, but he thought it was the guy's right to ask. Though she points out that it's 2006 and it's fine, he agrees that it will happen but he wants to pick out a ring and surprise her. She still seems happy, but somewhat let down.

Techno music blares the next morning as Carlos knocks on an apartment door. The guy who answers assumes he's there with "the hard drives," and when he realizes that Carlos is empty-handed he deduces, "Man, you read my blog. You're a fan." Because all bloggers are socially incompetent dorks. Carlos corrects him that he's just looking for Mae, but he's told she moved out that morning. Blogger is bummed out, too, since she was a good tenant who paid her rent in cash. I enjoy the fact that doesn't seem to raise any questions with him. Carlos asks where she works, and then cut to...

... Mae, circling job ads in the paper. It's very lucky that she's doing this in the park, where she overhears two nannies talking about how great their jobs are to have a room to stay in and to be paid under the table in REALLY LOUD VOICES. It's fate! Cut to her dumping out a bag containing a box of hair dye and some scissors. If TV has taught us nothing else, it's that nothing is going to foil ruthless would-be captors hell bent on tracking you down like some Maple Brown Sugar #9.

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