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The man himself walks into a restaurant, apologizing to a crushed-looking Whit for being late. Without any preamble, she asks him about Paul174 and hands him a printout of his dating profile. He manages to play it off flawlessly, telling her that it's a joke the interns at his office pulled by putting him up there. When she looks like she doesn't believe him (and really, who would -- it's too smooth) he offers to call a co-worker and thereby, her bluff. She tells him not to, and they decide to have dinner, though she's clearly still confused. He grabs her hand and swears to her that he will never ruin their relationship, then happily delves into the menu as she sneaks an unsure glance at him. Doubt is such a good ingredient for marriage, don't you think?

In an art gallery, two men speak in French about a really amazing photo of silver blocks arranged and shot as if they are a city skyline. One of the men sees Steven and interrupts his conversation to go meet him, clearly not happy. Steven asks for a favor and is informed he already used up all his favors. It seems that Steven once worked often with French Talker but eventually fell apart and at a low moment, invited an art critic to the ladies' room for a threesome, and not in a kinky way, to try and get a good review. Steven claims he's been clean for six months, though the empty bottle and the actual drinking we saw him do in the bar says otherwise. He wants to put on a show of his old work to remind the art world that he's still around, but French Talker snarks, "How the Mighty Have Fallen: A Retrospective of Shameful and Egotistical Behavior." Steven finally gets mad and asks what he needs to do, and is told to start over, with new work. "People tend to forgive brilliance." It's true, Steven -- see Hugh Grant or any other actor who accidentally got caught with drugs/a hooker/a cop/all three. However, Steven claims he's lost It and can't shoot. "No one's going to help you, Steven. You have to help yourself." Steven turns to retort but then just thanks the man and leaves. Check eBay, Steven -- I've been hearing a lot about how they have It, and lots of it, over there.

Whitney enters a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, muttering to herself, "At least I'll look good when my life falls apart." Laura is in the chair next to her, and Whitney asks what color she's used. She's layered marshmallow with ballet slippers, which actually sounds like something I might check out next time I find myself at Lily's Nails. Laura's pedicurist asks if she wants her cuticles cut, and when she says she just wants them pushed, the women begin talking to each other in Vietnamese. Laura has the moment I think we all wish we could sometimes have where she asserts that she is NOT a chicken (but is clearly fluent in Vietnamese.) She and Whit begin talking, and then bond over Laura's Sonic Youth t-shirt and the fact that they were at the same concert eleven years earlier, where Laura's husband caught a drumstick after the final encore.

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