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See a Penny, Pick It Up

Damien storms into a dark pool hall where Michael is having a drink and demands to know if he followed him. Michael only tells him that Regina looked nice and asks if she knows that Damien was in jail. The blank look of fear on Damien's face answers that one. At that, Michael calls him a coward and guesses they must not be brothers, since he wouldn't be related to a coward. He dares him to push back, and finally Damien socks him and warns him to stay away.

Steven goes back and knocks on Christine's apartment door, and when there's no answer, he tries to use his key. He struggles and realizes the locks have been changed, and then she answers the door. He's happy and tells her that he got the job and wanted to take them to dinner, but she's not having any of it. When he argues that it's just dinner, she retorts calmly that it's not. He's smiling, but loses his cool when she tries to close the door, and he forces it back open. She tells him to stop it, with just a ripple of nervousness in her voice. He angrily mumbles for her not to slam the door in his face and smacks the door, which she shuts and locks him out. He slams the door one more time for good measure. Great acting by the two of them, with all of the underlying emotions rippling around in this scene.

Whitney and Roy are at dinner, and he's joking that he'll be fat and have no liver left if they keep celebrating all of her success. She giggles and toasts to his demise. She gets up, takes his hand, and tells him that she realized she doesn't want to plan a wedding. Instead, she suggests they get married later that month, in a small ceremony. She doesn't notice his tone when he laughs, "Wow, that's really soon!" and then turns the lights down, the better not to see the deer-in-the-headlights look on his face.

An unknown woman looks down, gasps slightly, and tells someone, "Wow, this is very generous of you." Standing in front of her is Damien, who says it is his pleasure. He reiterates that he'd like this donation he is making to be anonymous. Carlos walks up to a window and asks, "Excuse me?" as Damien exits a door with the woman a few feet away. Since he's facing the window, Carlos doesn't see him to know how horribly his work and personal lives could collide. Damien leaves, smiling, and Carlos asks to see the guard, whose name is Ted O'Malley. The woman helping him gives him the good news that he's been moved up to a private room.

As he walks through Times Square, Damien takes the penny that brought him so much luck and sets it down -- heads up -- on the sidewalk to give someone else some luck. And damn, $80K really goes farther in New York than it used to. Let's see -- $10K back to his brother, and if he owed Vincent double that, there's another $20K. So with the remaining $50K he leased a brand new towncar, got a permit to start his own business, and paid for the man he shot to spend his hospital stay on the VIP floor? New York really is the place to be.

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