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Carlos is meeting with his new felonious client, Sherman. Guess what that guy swears? That the gun wasn't his, he found it by a dumpster. Hmm. Carlos doesn't believe him and asks if he was going to sell the gun. The guy was, but he was going to buy diapers, not drugs, for his soon-to-be-born child. It's like an ex-con Mother Teresa convention around here. He pleads for "Mr. Green" to get him out, and being spoken to so formally by a guy who looks to be his age seems to affect Carlos a little bit.

At the hospital, Damien gets a soda and strikes up a conversation with the guard's wife. She's distraught, as you can imagine, and very upset that they can't see a specialist soon, since their HMO won't pay for him to be in a private room in the VIP wing of the hospital.

Carlos is in court defending his client, saying he was searched illegally. He seems to be holding his own, but we never find out how he does with this defense since the prosecution asks for counsel to speak to the judge. When the lawyers approach the bench, there is bad news: an eyewitness IDs Sherman as a shooter in a separate case, and they want to put him in a lineup and charge him with attempted murder. Carlos is completely gobsmacked. Sherman is still looking at him hopefully.

Mae/Claire goes to look for Eliza and can't find her anywhere. The phone rings -- it's Laura checking in, and M/C tells her that they're "playing a quick game of hide-and-seek before school." Thank goodness she's so good at making up lame stories on a dime. Laura, relieved, goes to meet her new boss. Instead, she meets the bitchy little assistant all done up in sweater vest and bow tie with a Bluetooth headset. He won't let her see J.T., but when he realizes she's there to work, he gets her started with picking up some juice down the street. Wah, wah, waaaaaaaah, she's an assistant's assistant, and he claims to be the only one who gets to speak to J.T.

The city scenes this time feature a couple getting in a fight and the woman hitting the man with her shopping bags. I have no idea what the point is, but it's funny.

Whitney is following Ralston around the office, arguing Steven's case. Seriously? She didn't kick him out on his ass? I guess there's some magic to the guy that I seriously missed. Her boss realizes Steven's an asshat and asks if she's sleeping with him, to which she replies, "I don't sleep." Oh, ha ha, you crazy career woman. It must be noted that she's at least a head taller than he is, making this argument kind of hilariously awesome. He keeps fighting against it, but when she asks, he lets her know that it's her decision to make. Producers: if you're going to have some magical character inspire faith in others, please make sure he's portrayed as such, and not like a jackass. I don't get this story line AT ALL.

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