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Oh, someone up there loves me -- a woman walks out of a townhouse, and it's none other than Eva Rodrrrrriguez from one of my favorite movies of all time -- Center Stage. Damien is waiting outside with a sign reading "R. Rollins," but she informs him she didn't order a car. Well, then, good thing her boyfriend drives one. They kiss, and he asks if she notices anything different -- the car is brand new, he's leasing it, and today he starts his own business with it. She's super-proud of him, and when she asks if she's the first person he told, he tells her she's the only person he's got to tell. She's thrilled and proud, and when she asks if he won the lottery, he just says he's been saving up for a long time. She's cute AND gullible.

Damien heads to a park, where he finds his brother playing chess. He knows about the horse race, the fact of which Damien seems to ignore, and instead he pulls out an envelope to give back the money he got from the shooting. Michael insists it was a gift, but Damien doesn't want it. His brother coolly lets him know he won't tell Damien's parole officer what happened. Yeah, I guess that's not what they want you doing back out in the real world, is it? Damien then breaks it to him that he wants to cut ties. As anyone might have guessed, Michael doesn't take this too well, especially considering they're family. He wonders what Damien has to make him do this, but Damien brushes him off. Gee willikers, I wonder if Michael might try to find out what Damien's got. Michael stands up to threaten his brother that he'll be back, "'cause you don't got any idea how much you need me."

Damien's got enough money to buy Carlos two hot dogs, which he does at a stand where they've met for lunch. Carlos tells him he'll get his permit pushed through, but his mind is clearly on something else as he paces. When Damien pushes to find out what is wrong, he admits, "I made a huge mistake at work." And there we have the Understatement of the Week. "I took on something I probably shouldn't have, and now I feel like I've got a hole burning through my stomach." Damien points out, "And you're about to eat two dogs with sauerkraut." Oh dear. But the worst part isn't the client now fingered for attempted murder; it's that Mae hasn't called yet. Calm down, Carlos. From what I can tell, it's the same day that your date ended, or maybe the next. Everyone knows she's got three days. Damien gives him a pep talk. He tells him he also was in a bad patch, but that he got lucky in that New York Way, and presumably, it will happen to Carlos. "As bad as things can get, never give up hope." They chew thoughtfully, and Carlos takes it in and thanks him.

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