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Eliza is reading Mae/Claire a story that sounds somewhat inappropriate for a small child, about a girl who is out of trouble (or at least it sounded like that), when she stumbles on a word. M/C asks if she needs help, but Eliza just wants to know what's in the box. M/C only says they are things that are special to her, but she can't open it since it has two locks. She has one key around her neck, and the person who has the second key is her brother Erik. A two-key system leads me to wonder if they are nuclear codes. I hope so, as that would add a whole new level to this show. She suggests that Eliza make a box of what is important to her and show it to her mom, an idea which the little girl likes. They shake on it.

Laura barges in on Ross, as well as one can barge through plastic sheeting, and interrupts him to threaten him. He tries to get a word in edgewise but cannot, as she explains that the furniture that J.T. needs by the end of the week has all been rerouted until he shapes up. "I did not go to Art Center Pasadena but I have been through a great deal in my life. And for the last eight years, I have been a stay-at-home mom, so I am well-versed in how to deal with a petulant child. The fate of your furniture rests in my hands. You want it back? It's simple. Introduce me to J.T., and get an intern to do your crap work." She rocks my world. Ross then introduces her to J.T., who has been in the room the whole time. She's an older lady, barefoot, petting the poodle from earlier, and she asks Ross if furniture has ever been held hostage before. Laura, freaked, assures her she didn't actually reroute everything, but J.T. tells her, "I have two sons. I understand the value of a well-placed threat." She likes Laura's moxie, and asks her to sit down while they meet.

For all the gambling problems, I still love Damien. He and Regina are shopping for groceries, and he has clearly been sent to get milk. He's come back with four different varieties, including "that soy stuff that kind of pretends it's milk." She giggles and takes the whole milk, sending him back with the others. From behind her, Michael appears from nowhere and is really sinister as he tries to flirt with her. She informs him she's there with her boyfriend, to which he responds that if she were his, he wouldn't let her out of his sight. It's so slimy and clichéd, but he's selling this and making me uncomfortable. Damien shows up, pissed off, and Regina is clearly relieved. Michael acts like it's a big coincidence that they know each other, and when Michael starts to explain, Damien tells her that they work together. I have to imagine that since he knows Michael is bad news, he'd be smarter than to piss him off like this, but I think the money has gone to his head. Michael talks a bit, gets Regina's name, and takes off. She remarks that he's creepy, and a shaken Damien goes to finish shopping.

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