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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

Vanessa opens the front door of her house and the two Federiquitos barrel inside, followed by Rico himself. And as the boys run upstairs to play with their new product-placed videogame system (good luck setting it up by yourselves, munchkins), we see that Vanessa and Rico's marital separation is an amicable one, since they're being rather friendly with one another. She asks who he's bringing to Nate's wedding. Rico says, "No one. You wanna come?" Vanessa nicely declines. "You should bring a real date," she suggests. Rico asks if that wouldn't be weird. She says no and asks about "Dana, the makeup artist." Rico says she was too "cheerful or something." I'm kind of amazed at how many dates Rico's getting. You suppose he lies about his height in his dating profile and uses a picture of Fabio? Vanessa says that "you have to give people a chance to grow on you." Poor choice of phrasing, Vanessa; that's the last thing Rico needs. He tells her, "Don't take this the wrong way, but no one's you." Vanessa says that if Rico had been this picky when they were going out, he wouldn't have married her either: "You just have to find someone you like and be nice to them." Rico asks if that's how it is with her boyfriend Kenny, but Vanessa says that didn't work out. What, these two haven't seen each other for months, either? I guess that might explain why they're getting along so well now. Rico doesn't even bother to pretend he's not happy to hear the news about Kenny. She analyzes, "It's okay for me. I don't need someone as much as you do...It's not a bad thing, Rico. You're just a person who does better with someone." Rico ponders that. I'm so glad Vanessa's in the regular cast now, because she seems like just about the only character who can consistently shut him up.

Ruth and George sit over their silent, awkward dinner. Looks like she got an extra quiet night after all. She tells him that she's going to have a home aide come and stay with him the next day so he won't be home alone while she's at the wedding. "Whose wedding?" George grumps. "Nate. My son," Ruth says. "I know who Nate is," George says. "Who's he marrying?" "Brenda, his girlfriend," says Ruth, clearly unhappy at having to answer questions that he should know the answer to. George's mood abruptly improves as he insists that he wants to be there to support Nate. "You sure it won't be too much for you?" Ruth says, encouraged by George's sudden burst of lucidity. "Too much?" he says in amazement. "My only son is getting married!" Ruth's hopes crash as she realizes that no matter how broadly I insist on defining the concept of one's "own" children, there's no possible interpretation of his statement that is correct.

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