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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

A little later, Claire uses a long lens to take a shot of Nate, Maya, and Brenda at the receiving line, then turns it to take one of Billy, who's sitting right next to her. He favors her with a thin smile. I'm sure that Nate and Brenda will be thrilled to see Billy's nose-blackheads documented in their wedding album in such detail. "So is it weird to see Brenda get married?" Claire crazy-pokes. Billy unconvincingly says that it's great, and that he's happy that he and his sister are both in healthy relationships. "With siblings," Claire adds, "lightly." "Yeah, I guess you and Nate did too," Billy agrees wonderingly, and furrows his brow sarcastically. "God, what do you think it means?" Claire looks embarrassed at being caught out in her "subtle" little "gambit." But hey, it's not like Billy's going to stab her in the neck with a dessert fork, right?

Rico's walking along with the date he brought to the wedding, the dental hygienist again. He says he loves weddings. She does too, "if it's right. The last one I went to, the people hated each other so it was kind of depressing." Right on cue, a weepy Ma Chenowith happens to walk by, fretting loudly to Olivier about not being able to help Brenda. "But you did help her," comforts the unfamiliar stranger in Olivier's body. "You helped her as much as anyone could under the circumstances." Way to be discreet, guys. At least it's in front of Rico, who doesn't seem to figure out what's going on. He goes on to tell his date that a lot of guys don't know how to make a commitment, "but I was married eleven years. I'm the kind of person who's better with someone. Someone special like me." "That's sweet," she says, and he takes her hand. Smooth, Rico. Not everyone could get away with using a line you got from your wife, who divorced you for cheating on her with a stripper.

Claire takes a bunch of post-ceremony pictures of the family. "A family portrait with two new Fishers," Ruth comments to Brenda. Brenda looks at her like, "Me and...?" so Ruth points at Brenda's stomach. Ouch. Brenda nods and tries not to look too miserable.

In the photos with Nate and the Chenowiths, Billy looks way happier than his sister does, even, smiling raffishly at the camera. If "raffish" is understood to mean "unshaven." After that, Nate suggests that Claire take some shots of Ruth and George. Ruth tries to take George's wine glass from him, and it ends up all over the front of his shirt and jacket. Ruth goes to work on him with a napkin while he spreads his arms in resignation, whispering, "Sorry." Claire decides this moment of vulnerability is a good time for a few candid shots, but the third one shows Ruth turning furiously on Claire. "What are you doing? Have a little respect!" she yells, storming up to her daughter and smacking her sharply across the chops. "Oh my God," Claire says. George laughs nervously. "It's not funny," Ruth screeches, stomping away and leaving the mentally ill man standing alone near the edge of a cliff. "Oh my," he says.

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