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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

Ruth comes out of the house carrying a symbolic bag of oranges. She symbolically drops the bag, and one rolls symbolically under the car. "Dammit," she says after getting on her hands and knees and finding it's symbolically too far under to reach. And then she goes into flashback-land, bringing us up to sepia-toned speed on what happened with George since the end of last season: She went down to the bomb shelter to find George pacing around and ranting about mercury and poisoned water and whatnot. She watched as EMTs took him outside and led him, handcuffed, to an ambulance, and then when they had to pick him up and carry him as he realized what was going on and started to fight. Judging from James Cromwell's comments in this week's TV Guide about the direction his character's taken, he probably prepared for this scene by accessing the emotions he experienced when he read his scripts for this season: "No! No! Nooooo!" he dopplered into the ambulance. Ruth, her kids, and Rico stood beside her in the driveway, watching George go and looking sad. And then we're back in the present with Ruth, sort of.

David and Rico are talking to the Corpse of the Week's sister, who looks just like the Corpse of the Week, but without a brass spike sticking out of the jellied remains of one gory eye. She's expressing confusion about how her sister died, saying that her sister and "Leonard" never fought. David's eyebrows pop up at that, but he says, "Some things in life, we can never understand exactly why they happened." The sister says what sucks is that Andrea "was just starting to be herself. For the first time in her life." Rico displays that he's picked up Nate's "gift" for making clients' stories all about himself when he says, "That's rough, when people are just starting over." Because, you know, Rico's single now. Fathers, lock up your short, boring daughters.

Ruth's driving in her car now, but a sepia traffic light signals a turn onto the on-ramp back to Flashback-land. A doctor -- played by an actor I last saw steering a stolen, Screaming Yellow Pickup into a suicidal collision with a cement mixer -- explained that George has something called depressive psychosis. I don't know if that's made up or not. Ruth was confused about how this happened, and the doctor explained that it can be triggered by stress. "But he was fine when we met," Ruth said. "He was so...lovely." I think there are some folks on the forums who might consider that an exaggeration. The doctor says that it comes and goes over the course of a person's lifetime, and that George's daughter had said he had a history of mental illness. Nice that Ruth had to hear it from her. Ruth is forcefully brought back to the present by a loud honk from the car behind her, telling her to get moving already. Yeah, what that car said. We didn't wait nine months to sit through flashbacks here.

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