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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

Nate's working on the computer down in the Body Shop, and David's already in his smock and apron with the Corpse of the Week laid out on the table. Rico expresses amazement at the Corpse's appearance: "Jeez, what'd he do, stab her in the eye?" We get a nice, juicy close-up of the ocular cavity. The producers must be so disappointed that Heathen's not recapping this show, although the recapper they did get has a weakness of his own that we'll be getting to later. "That's what happens to couples who never learn how to fight," David pronounces. And that wraps up the CotW's involvement in this week's plot. An instant message pops up on the computer in front of Nate. "'Ricky, are you there,'" Nate reads. "Oh, Ricky?" Rico scampers over to the computer, saying he dated her a few times after signing up on a product-placed internet dating service "to, you know, get out there a little?" "Good for you, dude," Nate says, not bothering to get up from the keyboard. Not that it stops Rico from breaking up with the girl via IM. Nate backseat-dumps, reading Rico's missive: "'I'm looking for someone with a more positive outlook on life'? That's kinda harsh, dude." Rico says she should know for her other dates: "She was a downer, man." "That's very thoughtful, Ricky," snarks David.

Ruth and her symbolically diminished bag of symbolic oranges make their way to George's hospital room, where he's crashed out in the bed in the middle of the day. The room goes sepia for a flashback. The doctor told George's daughter and Ruth that he wanted to try ECT. That's electroconvulsive therapy, or shock treatments, for those of you born after 1950 who didn't know that they still did that. Ruth seemed uncertain, but George was lucid enough to say, "Nothing else is working." Cut to a room where George was strapped to a table and hooked up to a machine. Someone flipped a switch and there was a low hum while George's fingers clenched (in case you were expecting crackling and buzzing and Palpatinean lightning bolts arcing all over the place). When George's oxygen mask and rubber mouthpiece were removed, he glimpsed his Apocalypse Fairy in silhouette through the open doorway. Not that there was much to her besides silhouette, because she was now charred and sizzling and wreathed in smoke, reproachfully saying his name as the door shut in her face. Not sure why she showed up in Ruth's flashback, but it's not like George was awake enough to hum "I'm Gonna Fry That Girl Right out of My Head," either. There were more "sessions," which, he's never going to invent warp drive if they keep this up, and then Ruth is back in George's present-day doorway.

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