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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

It's David and Keith, and Brenda accepts hugs and compliments from both gentlemen and a bottle of "non-alcoholic sparkling cider" from David. Nate comes into the living room to announce that "Mom's not coming." David asks why. "Because she hates me," Brenda chirps. "She doesn't hate you anymore," Nate says, which, heh. "Now she hates Claire," David claire-ifies. Brenda asks why that is, and the boys explain that it's because Claire's taking a semester off. "Not because she's dating my brother?" Brenda wonders, still hoping to make this about her on some level. David yammers that Ruth is just worried that Claire won't go back to school, thus somehow repeating Ruth's greatest regret of never having gone to college herself. I shouldn't complain, because aside from the flashbacks, the exposition up to this point hasn't been too clunky, but maybe the writers could remember that just because we haven't seen these characters for most of a year doesn't mean they haven't seen each other. Brenda receives David's explanation skeptically, because while psychobabble trumps almost everything, the only thing above it in her personal hierarchy is Brenda-related drama. Or, when that fails, Brenda-relation-related drama. Keith's already busy "chatting up" Maya at this point (if such a thing is possible with a child who appears incapable of chatting), oblivious to all else, until Nate announces that it's bath time. Brenda offers to do it: "I gotta pee anyway, for the billionth time today. Where does it all come from?" She scoops up Maya (who gets a line! It's "bye," and it's probably ad-libbed, but a line's a line) and exits the room, oblivious to the incredibly disturbing mental image I just got from the implied combination of child-bathing and urination.

Once the girls have gone, David apologizes to Nate, who waves it off: "She knows we all think Billy's a bomb waiting to go off." But he adds that Brenda figures Billy's fine on his meds, "so, whatever. I could almost deal with the guy if he wasn't fucking my little sister." Huh, Nate sounded a little like Billy himself there. Maybe he ought to embark on a retaliatory campaign of brotherly Billy-baiting, just to even up the karmic score a bit after Billy's Season 1 antics. As Keith settles down in a chair with a copy of Child magazine, David bright-sides that at least Billy's better than Gabe, the "drug-crazed killer." "He didn't kill the guy, he just shot at him," Keith points out. "She should have just stayed with her nice, gay boyfriend," David says of Russell. Nate disagrees: "Nah, that guy was a total asshole." "She really knows how to pick 'em," David sums up. And, knock on the door. Everyone greets partial-indigent Claire and total-indigent Billy (in his ratty Army jacket), and Claire hands over a bottle of wine and asks where Ruth is. "She's not coming," her brothers chorus. The news relaxes Claire enough to allow her to help herself to a horvy-dorvy.

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