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Bridezilla vs. Not-A-Mom

Nate starts to look uncomfortable at the direction the discussion is taking. David presses, "But given that it's not quite as easy for us, why would we do something so extreme as--" Keith cuts that off, saying he doesn't think it's extreme. "Why should we be the ones who don't get to have our own kids? Just because we're gay?" David says that's not it, but he doesn't offer another reason, either. He says, "I just don't think a child has to have my genes for me to feel like it's mine." Nate plays the peacemaker role, saying, "I'm sure people love adopted kids as much as their own. I mean, obviously." I agree with every word Nate just said, except for the "obviously," which I would replace with "duh," "doy," or perhaps even the ultimately-potent-and-therefore-little-used "derr-hey." "Maybe," Keith says. "It's easy to say when you have your own." Oh, Keith, shut up. "I love Maya," Brenda says. "And you still wanted one of your own," Keith says. If he says "your own" one more time, I'm going to jump through the screen and thump him one. And then he says to David, "You just think you don't deserve to have what everyone else has," and I have to buy a new TV. Making ignorant comments is shitty enough, but then airing one of his deepest relationship issues with David in front of everyone is even worse. Happy, Claire? "Would anyone have more wine if I open another bottle?" she ventures, and the unanimous "yes" is heard miles away. I hope someone cuts Keith off, though.

Hey, it looks like this show has given up on using the TV shows characters watch as a subtle commentary on their lives. Ruth, for instance, is sitting on the couch in her housecoat watching Thelma and Louise. Can't imagine what that might have to do with her situation. Rico comes in from his date. Ruth offers him a glass of Sambuca and says she wants to hear about it. "Was this the dental hygienist or the investment banker?" she asks. He says the former, explaining that "the banker was too...shiny." Any hope that Rico's being poetic in some way is shattered when Ruth says, "It may have just been an unfortunate lotion." Rico sits down with his Sambuca and continues to be noncommittal. Ruth: "Did you get a sense of what kind of person she was? Does she seem solid?" Rico says yeah, and Ruth all-about-mes that "it's so important to feel you can rely on someone." Rico comments that he never dated before Vanessa. "Enjoy it, dear," Ruth advises. "But try not to be blinded by lust, if you can." Rico's mind goes to a bad, bad place, but at least it's got plenty of company. Hi, everyone!

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