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Yea, though he walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Down in the Body Shop, Rico is changing a diaper when David wheels in the DGDJ. The body is in pretty bad shape, with lacerations and bruises everywhere. Rico is apparently determined to make it through the entire episode without saying anything that isn't at least partially meta, so he teases David that they'll have to fix up the corpse because "men don't make passes at girls with big gashes." He giggles at his own joke, and coos to the baby that "Daddy is Mr. Funnyman." All I can say to that is, "Daddy, stop touching me." At this point, even David is tired of listening to Rico and his many levels of meaning, so he sends him and the baby home, and agrees to work on the DGDJ himself.

At The Only Restaurant Nate And Brenda Ever Eat At, Nate and Brenda are out to dinner. Brenda explains that she kicked Billy to the curb, but Nate wants her to go that extra mile and have him committed. Brenda whines and moans some more about how hard all this is for her, but I lose interest and start watching in slow motion for that weird The Air Up There frame that's supposed to be mysteriously inserted in this scene. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have happened in my broadcast, so I'm forced to go back to listening to Brenda. "Do you even comprehend what it's like to be responsible for someone your whole life?" she asks. "Do you even get the concept of loving someone that much?" "Yes, I get that concept," replies Nate, though I, for one, don't really know why. Neither does Brenda, apparently, because she continues trying to push him away. Upset that he didn't immediately cave in and see things exactly her way, she decides that it might be better if they took "some time off." She tells him his key won't work because she's changed the locks, and bolts out of the restaurant.

Formaldehyde Fortress. David and Ruth are sitting down to dinner alone. After yet another pointed comment about how no one tells her anything, Ruth summons the courage to ask Dave about the gay-bashing death. When that conversational gambit fails to elicit the touching confession she'd hoped for, she moves on to another creative double entendre, asking David if he "likes the hen." "Yes, very much," he replies. "What did you stuff it with?" Oy. Still having no success at prodding her son into revealing his innermost secrets, she makes one last attempt by reminding David that he still loves her even if he doesn't approve of Hiram or anyone else she dates. Dave still refuses to take the bait, however, and Ruth returns to her hen with a "hmm."

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