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Yea, though he walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Cut to David, driving past the parking lot where the DGDJ was killed. There's a memorial in progress, and as we drop into slow-motion, we see Keith's new boyfriend Eddie holding a candle and staring back at David. Fade to white.

In his office, George Letsgetonwithit is asking Claire about her relationship with Gabe. She feels that since she's as much of a positive influence on him as he is a negative influence on her, it all balances out. She also thinks of Gabe as an "extreme" version of herself (although for my money, the real "extreme" version of Lauren Ambrose is Juliette Lewis), and feels that she can "understand" him because she too has had to cope with the "shadow of death. And silence." George Secretsareforawuss pries even deeper, asking specifically about the "silence." Claire says that "everyone is so scared that they're going to say the wrong thing" that they become invisible. Not me. Marry me, Lauren. See? Anyway, she continues by adding that, "even though [she talks] shit all the time," it's just "another way to not say…whatever." George Imallcoolwiththis puts his pen down, and reminds Claire that he's only there for her, and not for her parents or the school. He asks her again what she's not saying, and Claire finally confesses Gabe's suicide attempt. She's all worried about not knowing what to do for him, even though she claims to have consulted a number of websites on the subject. Obviously, Mighty Big TV wasn't one of them, because I've got more than a few suggestions on this matter that she doesn't seem to be following. George Howprofoundisthis tells her the best thing she can do is just "not be invisible." Claire replies, "This isn't about me," and George finally springs his trap shut by answering, "That's not a very good start, is it?"

Down in the Body Shoppe, David is straightening the DGDJ's tie, while Darth Gayder continues to torment him. "At least my tie can be straight," he says, before digging even deeper into David's inner demons. Fresh from his drive past the memorial service, David tries to convince Darth that there are people and a community who love him. "But not as many as hate me. And you," replies Darth. Just then Federico and Foreshadowing enter together, apparently applauding Darth Gayder's proclamation. But it turns out that it's just Rico (the applause foreshadowing doesn't come into play until the next episode), and he's actually only applauding David's restoration job. "This is your best work yet, David," he tells him, before also casually mentioning that there are "two hundred homos" outside, including one dressed as Jackie Kennedy. Since Rico is too busy shoving his foot deeper and deeper into his mouth to fulfill his own responsibilities, David gets the wacky embalming joke this week. He used Rico's diaper rash cream to remove the abrasions on Darth Gayder's cheeks. Eventually, however, he loses his patience and calmly comes out of the closet. "You know, Rico, I'm a homo," he says. "I may not dress like Jackie Kennedy, but I have sex with men." Rico pauses to absorb this news, and then tentatively tells David not to talk about that sort of thing with him. "Where I come from," he says, "if men need to do that sometimes, they don't talk about it." Where is Rico from, exactly -- Oz? Anyway, everyone is all shocked that cute little Rico could be a homophobe, but in hindsight, it makes total sense. After all, we're in Alan Ball World. Why bother building up a character all season if you're not going to tear him down eventually? Especially since the exact opposite happens with Tracy The Annoying Funeral Stalker in the next episode.

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