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That's a wrap for Nate

Hey, kids! Sure, the show's lead character is dead, and everyone in his life is completely wrecked over it, but who cares? Are you ready for a happy, fun, zany nutty, keee-raazy recap? You are? Well, tough shit.

No corpse of the week this episode, because as you recall, he died at the end of last week instead. You remember -- Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. (1965-2005). He messes up everything, even the standard episode structure.

Ruth cries inconsolably on her sofa. But then she hears voices in the other room, and gets up to investigate. Sure enough, there's her oldest son sitting at the dining room table, all dressed in light colors and happily saying to someone (probably his dad, not that it matters), "There's no death! Wasn't it a relief when you realized that?" Ruth cries, "Nate! Thank God!" Nate smiles at her as she walks to him. And then she wakes up, and it's dark, and she's in her bed, and Nate's still really dead. I have to think that would be the hardest part of losing someone that close: dreaming that they're back again, and then having to wake up and experience the loss all over again. Which is what Ruth does now. Bummer.

Morning. Claire digs desperately through her dresser drawer for her stash, but all she finds is one lightly seasoned baggie. Which she turns inside out and licks. Now that's a jones.

Brenda wakes up alone and fully dressed in Maya's bed. What a night that must have been. Hey, I don't mean it like that, you pervs. Brenda gets up and finds her stepdaughter already awake and out in the living room, sitting in her tiny wicker chair and reading a book while watching cartoons. "Where's my daddy?" she asks Brenda. Brenda says he's "not here," and sits down uneasily to watch cartoons for the lack of a better idea.

David's finding comfort in a list of things to do today. Actually, it's a list he's making for Keith, which is of course less than half as long as his own, which fills the previous page of his notebook. Keith joins him in their kitchen and asks if David slept at all the previous night. David confesses that he didn't, and starts to get ready to make breakfast for the kids. Keith says he'll handle that, and suggests David go back to bed. David insists that he has to pick up Nate's body. He goes over Keith's task list, the most important of which is getting suits for the boys. He goes over all the details and hands Keith his list. Keith looks like he wishes David would just relax and quit trying to handle everything. He should know by now that being anal-retentive is the only way David's going to get through this.

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