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That's a wrap for Nate

Where David appears to be just getting control over himself. He's crawled into the back seat of the Keithmobile, where he's slumped down low with one hand over his heart. He finally gathers the courage to look out the window again. Which of course is when his vision of Jimmy Felon flings itself hard against the glass, its red hood up and its eye sockets packed with cotton. Gah! David scrambles to the far side of the Keithmobile and goes fetal with panic as heavy blows rain down on the window. But then those blows fade to gentle taps as Ruth stands outside, patiently waiting for him to let her in. He unlocks the door for her. She says they're starting, and he says he can't do it. "If you don't get out of this car, you will hate yourself forever," she says without anger. David knows, but it doesn't change anything: "I'm so dizzy I can't breathe." Ruth realizes there's more going on here than garden-variety grief. But rather than demanding an explanation, she says, "Then we'll wait until you can." She gets into the car and sits next to him while they wait for his panic to subside.

Which must have worked, because we cut to the two of them walking up the hill together. Keith meets them and takes David's other hand. They all make it to the gravesite, where Brenda's now perched on the pile of dirt, watching, her expression inscrutable. David pulls a sheet of paper out of his suit pocket to read it, but all he can get out is, "Could someone?" Everyone looks around, and this time it's Sarah who steps up. It's a sad tableau around the grave; from left to right, looking across the hole, we have Claire, Keith, David, Sarah, Ruth, Maggie, George, and Rico on one side, with Brenda all alone on her side. It's not clear whether she chose to be alone, or whether no one else made an effort to include her. Probably both. Sarah takes up position at the foot of the grave (or the head -- I still don't know, thanks to stupid Nate) and begins: "From the Mystic Odes of Rumi." Brenda sighs like she knows she's in for a long, annoying haul. The poem's here, so I'm not going to bother transcribing it. But as Sarah continues, Keith holds both of David's hands from behind as David hugs himself. Ruth and Maggie stand and listen. Brenda stares at Nate's shrouded body with a grim smirk. Claire listens, trying to make sense of what she's hearing, and suddenly she's in a flashback.

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