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That's a wrap for Nate

Ten-year-old Claire -- who doesn't really look like a young Lauren Ambrose, but where the hell do you find one of those? -- walks down the hallway to the sound of Nirvana's "All Apologies," and pushes open Nate's bedroom door, which is standing ajar. Nate himself -- twenty-nine, if my math holds up, and sporting the fluffy haircut of the recovering mulleteer -- is sitting on the floor next to the stereo, smoking a joint and looking upset. I don't know why he's home on a non-holiday and I don't care. "Kurt Cobain died today," Nate says shakily. "He killed himself. He was just too pure for this world." Oh, whatever. I'm sure Cobain's postmortem tox screen found nothing but purity. Props to Peter Krause for saying that line with a straight face, though. Claire says, "Well, his music will live on." Nate agrees, holds out the joint, and asks Claire if she wants to try some. "Sure," she says, and Nate's bedroom door closes behind her.

Back at the funeral, present-day Claire smiles at having finally dredged up one happy memory of her brother, even if it's one that shows what a seriously fucked-up family she's part of. As Sarah continues to read, Maggie begins sobbing. Ruth puts an arm around her, and Maggie buries her face in Ruth's shoulder. Brenda watches this little moment from her spot on the ground and seethes quietly to herself, her hatred complete. We have yet to receive any indication that Ruth knows what went on between Maggie and Nate, not that Brenda cares right now. It'll be interesting to see who Ruth finds out from. I predict George, which of course means that it won't be George.

Sarah finishes reading and smiles at everyone comfortingly. And now it gets sad. Not because I particularly miss Nate, but because I feel bad for these people who lost such a big part of their lives. It's still so fresh for them that they can't yet see how much better off they all are now. Rico nods to Keith and George and they gather around the shrouded corpse. Each of the three of them takes one of the four attached straps and tries to lift Nate, which only results in George dropping his side and cursing while David, unable to move himself from his spot, flinches. Claire runs up and grabs the free strap, and she, Rico, Keith, and George lower Nate into the ground. David finally unfreezes. He walks to the pile of dirt and grabs one of the several shovels sticking out of it -- completely ignoring Brenda as she retrieves her shoes from the spot -- and scoops in a few shovelfuls onto the shroud, sobbing as he does so. Rico watches sadly, then joins in the digging. Keith and Claire get shovels too and go to work, while David leans on his and cries. Brenda throws in one scoop and turns away in disgust, casting the shovel aside. If she was trying to hit Maggie, she missed by about twenty feet. Claire continues while Rico takes a break. Without a word, Ruth gently takes Rico's shovel from him and drops in one last pile that covers the grave's-eye-view camera.

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