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That's a wrap for Nate

Later, three dark-colored cars leave the park as the camera pans down to the fresh earth covering Nate's plot. And then some guys come in and build a mini-mall there. Well, not really, but that would serve Nate right. Brenda is the last to return to her car, because nobody cares about her, so of course when she gets in and turns the key the starter just sort of grunts. She starts looking in her purse for her cell phone, which is when Late Nate, Jr.'s voice asks, "Do you like the poem I chose?" Brenda closes her eyes, makes an oh, JUST what I needed right now face and snaps that she hated it. "Mystical, maudlin crap," she critiques. I'm resisting the obvious joke here. It would be easy, but not especially fair. Nate, sitting in the shotgun seat in his wedding suit, says Brenda just didn't understand it. ["That line right there -- before he even mentioned Maggie, just that dismissive, I'm-the-smartest-guy-in-the-room line and the matching tone -- is everything I've always hated about this character. Fuck off, Nate." -- Sars] "It's about spiritual depth," he claims. "Maggie understood it." Brenda spits that Maggie "couldn't even admit that she fucked you." Nate says Maggie just didn't want to "pollute what we shared by handing it over to your filthy imagination." Brenda's not impressed with what they shared: "Adultery while your wife's pregnant and raising your child from another woman?" Nate accuses Brenda of always thinking of Maya that way. "Even when she's calling you mommy, you think, I'm stuck raising some dead bitch's kid." And now some dead prick's kid, too. Nate's getting angry now. "You just wanted me to plug you with your own baby. Now you've got that. So you can drop the wronged little wife routine." Man, why did Brenda marry Nate in the first place if she thought he saw her that way? Ever helpful, Nate's got a theory: "You could have married Joe if you wanted to be with someone who really wanted to be with you, but deep down you know that everyone who wants to be with you is a fucking idiot. Because just like everybody else in your psychotic family, you have to destroy everything and everyone you love!" Brenda, crying now, begs Nate to leave her alone. And then she is alone, sitting in her car, breathing hard. And we're sad that Nate is dead…why? Even though he's gone, dude could have haunted Triple-A if he wanted to help out. Wouldn't have killed him.

At night, Anthony and Durrell very sweetly bring David some alphabet soup and some iPod-borne smooth jazz in bed. David says he didn't know they were such good nurses. "You learn something new every day," Durrell says. They must have picked up those skills taking care of their mom. And David didn't even have to OD. This, then, is why you should always adopt from drug addicts. In the ensuing lull, they can all hear the muffled sound of Keith in another room, yelling over the phone at the Pasqueasel. He quits, among other things. Anthony worries that now the Pasqueasel will take away their iPods. "I hope not," David quips. "I need my smooth jazz." Don't worry, David; you can just dip into the weekly PlayStation budget.

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