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That's a wrap for Nate

Ruth's sitting around the table at home with Sarah, Bettina, and, believe it or not, George. Did Maggie leave without him? Did he move back in after the burial? I suppose these questions will have to wait until next week. Nobody appears to mention what they talked about the last time these three women were all gathered around this table. As for this time, they're talking about getting over things, and Ruth in particular wonders how people do it. Ruth, it just might take a few more days. George agrees with me, saying it takes time. "And remembering love," Sarah adds. "What the hell does that mean?" Ruth wonders. George guesses, "Slowly, you fall back in love with whatever really mattered to you." Sarah adds that you find a way to make sense of what you've lost. Ruth says it doesn't seem possible. Sarah decides this is a good time to tell Ruth that Nate appeared to her in a dream last night. "He didn't really say anything," Sarah says. Wasn't Nate, then. "But he had a very loving presence." Definitely not Nate. Ruth asks Sarah if she's sure he didn't say anything about death. Sarah: "He didn't have to say it, sweetie. I got the message." Could not be less Nate. Ruth sighs in something like relief. And then the doorbell rings.

Ruth starts downstairs (way to let the grieving mother answer her own door, friends) to find Brenda already coming into the house carrying a sleeping Maya. "Hello, dear," Ruth says. Brenda puts Maya down (it's okay, she's awake now so she doesn't topple over onto her head) and she runs to her grandmother happily. Ruth sweeps her up and invites Brenda upstairs as her daughter-in-law darts out the door. At first, I thought Brenda was just unceremoniously ditching Maya with Grandma, which would be kind of funny. But then Brenda comes back inside, which is less funny. Except when she reappears, she's carrying Maya's suitcase, and we're back to funny again. Brenda sets it on the floor and frets, "I can't do this right now. I need you to take her for -- I don't know how long." Ruth says of course. Brenda weepily says that she just doesn't want to make things worse. She pulls herself together and steps up to where Ruth is holding Maya, and tells her to stay with Grandma. She says, "I love you." No response from the munchkin. Aw. Brenda makes a sad face, like Maya not reacting to something is significant, and walks out, shutting the door behind her. Too bad she forgot to bring the quiche.

Brenda lets herself into her own house. There's not a light on in the place. But there's someone in the kitchen, and Brenda crosses to the fireplace to grab a weapon. We see a shadowy male figure that I might actually be a little nervous about if I hadn't seen Jeremy Sisto's name in the credits. And indeed, Billy calls out, "It's just me." Brenda emotes relief as the lights come on. "I tried to make it back in time for the funeral," Billy says. Brenda asks why he didn't call. Billy shrugs that he "thought it would be better to just get here." And now, with her brother standing right in front of her, Brenda throws herself into his arms and allows herself to do what she hasn't yet, which is to break down and cry like an asshole. They sink to their knees together as the coda from "All Apologies" fades up on the soundtrack. The scene ends before the making out starts.

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