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That's a wrap for Nate

David's busy washing Nate's body. It kind of looks like hard work, as he drags a soaked cloth along his brother's limbs. If that's actually Peter Krause and not a really convincing prop, I hope he was nice to all the people who have played corpses on this show over the years. Ruth comes in, still in her bathrobe, carrying a suit on a hanger, and stops short in the doorway when she sees what David's doing. She looks embarrassed at seeing her oldest son undressed, even with a towel over his groin. She recovers enough to explain to David that she found Nate's best suit. David says they're not having a viewing, since Nate didn't want to be embalmed or made up. "But people need a viewing," Ruth complains. David says she can look at Nate now. Ruth comes in and slowly hangs the suit on a hook. She looks at it sadly for a minute, finally letting go of the idea of funeral she wanted for Nate. David watches sympathetically as he works. That accomplished, she turns to look at Nate lying on the slab. His hair's wet and slicked back, except for a large patch on the left side of his skull where it's entirely gone. That's where the sewn-up incision is. Looks like the neurosurgeon went in there with a gardening trowel. Ruth comes to Nate's side and touches him gently while David looks sad. She takes a cloth of her own and starts helping David wash, and there's peace between them in this symbolic moment of reconciliation.

For about ten seconds, which is as long as she can stop herself from asking, "When he came out of the surgery, what exactly did the doctor say?" Frustrated, David says he's told her a hundred times. But Ruth still doesn't understand: "Clearly something went terribly wrong!" Well, of course it did; Nate was involved. David's had enough of this shit from her. "What, you think I killed him?" he snarks. "Is that what you're trying to get me to say?" Ruth screams, "How dare you speak to me that way?" David comes right back: "How dare you? I lost him too, Mom!" Claire appears unnoticed in the Body Shop doorway. David continues, "All you've been doing is accusing me of doing the wrong thing. At least I was there." You knew that was coming. I'm actually surprised it took this long. David looks like he knows he went too far, but he can't take it back, and doesn't especially want to. Ruth's face crumples and she rushes out past a horrified Claire, who yells, "Fuck!" "What?" David asks her dangerously. Claire doesn't want to be next in line for a tongue-lashing, so all she can manage to say is "I picked up the programs" before bolting. "Thank yeww," David says to the empty room.

It's a busy Monday at Lawyer Ted's office. How do I know it's Monday? Well, Episode Eight started on a Wednesday and spanned three days, which means Nate narmed on Friday night. Which is why everyone was free to hang out at the hospital on Saturday, at the end of which Nate died. So I'm thinking this episode started on Sunday, and now it's Monday. All part of the service, folks. But back to Lawyer Ted's office: he may be the lowest-paid attorney in the company, but at least he has an office with a door. I miss that. His phone rings, and Claire, sitting on the floor under the kitchen counter at home, breaks the news that her brother's dead. Ted sits down heavily. "My God," he says. "What happened?" Claire says she has to get out of the house, but she's not in any state to drive. "Are you, like, really busy?" she asks. Lawyer Ted shuffles the tsunami of paper on his desk, signs something, and lies, "No. I'll be right over." Except he'll later turn out to not be lying about the second part. Claire disconnects the cordless phone and lets it drop on the floor.

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