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That's a wrap for Nate

Keith lets himself and the boys into the Pasqueasel Palace. I can't believe it took me until almost too late to come up with a name for that place. He calls for his boss, but the only answer is the sound of breaking glass and a lot of loud, angry swearing from the other room. Keith tells the kids to stay where they are, and hurries off to investigate. He finds the Pasqueasel in the trashed living room, using a golf club to keep some angry young actor wannabe at bay. "Tit for tat, you said!" the wannabe yells. "You got your fucking tit, now where's my cocksucking tat?" Apparently the Pasqueasel got him some part, and the hack got fired, and now the hack's mad at the Pasqueasel. And throwing things at him. Keith intervenes, physically restraining the guy as the boys peek around the corner. Now that the immediate threat is being dealt with, the Pasqueasel pours himself a drink and tells Keith to drive the hack to Van Nuys Airport and put him on a private plane someone's letting him use. Keith says he can't, since he and the kids are on their way to David's brother's funeral. The Pasqueasel says he's sorry and asks if there's anything he can do. Still holding the guy down, Keith says the Pasqueasel can take care of this himself. The Pasqueasel: "Oh, I'm, sorry, sweetie, but I've been overpaying you for a year. This is the first time I've really needed you to do something." Rotten timing, that. Stupid Nate. The kids have joined them in the living room now, and Durrell reminds Keith that he still needs his pants fixed. The Pasqueasel takes one look at the tailoring emergency before him and says he'll have "my girl" take care of it while Keith goes to Van Nuys, and then the Pasqueasel will drop the kids off at the funeral with newly hemmed pants. "Please," he says, "let me help you help me." Keith reluctantly agrees. "But don't talk to them too much," he orders. Heh. "Can we have beer?" Anthony asks as the Pasqueasel leads them off. "No!" Keith snaps. And now the guy he's got in a headlock asks Keith if they've met somewhere. Keith, ignoring the rule that states that's always a significant question when somebody asks it on TV, says no and drags him out.

Brenda makes herself a cup of tea at home. Ma Chenowith comes in wearing her funeral clothes and carrying a garment bag. She hugs Brenda, saying, "Damn, you've had a shitty year." Hey, language! Maya's sitting right there. Drop a couple of effenheimers in there so she doesn't miss her dad so much. Ma says she's brought funeral clothes for both Brenda and Maya, as well as lox and vodka. That sounds like one messy sandwich. "Great," says Brenda. "I can't drink and lox has mercury." Ma keeps pushing the Stoli, and Brenda continues to blow it off and sits down at the kitchen table with Maya. Ma apologizes for her pushiness, saying she doesn't know what to say. "I'm just so sorry." She sits at the kitchen table with Brenda and Maya and asks Maya how she is. "Where's my daddy?" Maya asks Ma, to Brenda's dismay. Ma decides to handle this. She leans in close and begins gently, "Your daddy has gone away for a very long time." Brenda snaps that her mom can't say that, and I wait for whatever kinder version Brenda is going to try. Here it comes: "Honey? Daddy's dead. That means he's not coming back ever." Yikes! Even Ma is like, "Jesus, soften it up a little." Seriously, when Ma Chenowith is telling you that you're speaking inappropriately, you might as well turn in your tongue. Brenda protests that that's what the books tell her to say to keep Maya from getting confused. "When's Daddy coming back?" Maya grumbles. Brenda snaps, "Daddy's dead. Remember, like Nemo's mom? Remember how we talked about that?" Maya uh-huhs. Before Brenda can give her stepdaughter a lucky fin, if you catch my drift, Ma picks up Maya and suggests to Brenda that this might be a conversation for "a time when you're less insane with grief." Brenda denies being insane with grief (which I believe, since she hasn't always had grief) as Ma releases Maya to scamper off and play by herself. There's a quick exchange in which we learn that Billy is out of the country -- Dubai, to be precise -- and then Ma says she can't believe they're both widows. "At least you've got Olivier," Brenda points out, but Ma says Olivier walked out on her last week. Since Claire saw him on Thursday night? Don't tell Claire, or she'll take credit for it. Ma says, "I know it's not the same, but we're both alone now." Brenda, so not in the mood for her mom's crap that she can't even see the mood from here, agrees, "No, it's not the same. Not at all." Yeah, Brenda's husband left her and died.

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