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That's a wrap for Nate

Cut to Keith hanging out next to a parked jet at the Van Nuys Airport. Hey, do you suppose that's why they call them "hangars"? He's waiting for the plane to be prepped for takeoff so he can be rid of the hack actor and get to the funeral. And, of course, he's apologizing to David profusely over his cell phone. "Couldn't you just say no? Today?" David demands angrily. Keith apologizes again and says he'll be there as soon as he can. David just hangs up. Keith walks over to where the hacktor is leaning against the Keithmobile. And the hacktor has suddenly remembered where he knows Keith from: "You're that guy in the blowjob video…the one where [the Pasqueasel]'s giving you head??" Oops. Keith's been on Candid Cocksucking Camera. Hey, you think that scene will be on the DVD? The hacktor continues, "[He] played it every time we had sex. Can't come without it. Does he pay you extra for that or is that just part of the job?" Well, at least now Keith knows why he's being overpaid. Rather than essaying a response, Keith knocks the kid's cigarette and coffee cup to the ground, then pushes him away from the truck so he can get in and drive off, tires squealing. Back off, punk. I've got a funeral to get to.

The Tedmobile is in front of a more rural rear projection now, to go along with the Dixie Chicks' remake of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" currently playing on his mix CD. This is neither here nor there, but take a moment to think about the fact that Smashing Pumpkins also recorded that song, and I can't think of three other bands that are more equidistant from one another. Claire asks Lawyer Ted why he doesn't like his sister, and he tells her about how his older sister Caroline is just mean, even though she helps refugees. "To the world at large, she's a saint," he explains. "But if you're an actual person in her life, she's just a bitch." As an example, he says Caroline only came by twice in the three years that his little sister was going through chemo. Claire asks if the little sister is okay now, and Ted says she is. Apparently the subject of siblings facing death has reminded Claire what she's supposed to be doing today, so she suddenly sits up and says she has to go back. Ted says okay, and starts looking for a place to turn around, which is kind of a shame. I think a nicely executed bootlegger's turn would lighten the mood considerably.

Keith shows up at the funeral home, having put his tie on along the way. He finds David still in the office, pouting. He must have started a new page on his list of things to do, because the first sheet didn't have room for him to add "sulk." "Thanks for making it," David says flatly. Keith asks if the boys are okay. "They're upstairs in a state of bliss. Roger bought them iPods." Keith takes David into a hug. David lets him, but we can see over his shoulder that he's still pissed. Watch your ear, Keith.

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