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That's a wrap for Nate

Also pissed? Ruth, who's done quizzing her family about the reasons behind her son's death and is now standing in the funeral home chapel, looking for some answers from Father Jack. All dressed up in her funereal finery, she wants to know what kind of message God was sending by taking Nate at the one time she couldn't be there. "I don't think it's helpful to see it as a message to you," Father Jack suggests. "Then why would it happen that way?" Ruth demands. "Especially in a universe that revolves around me?" I might have imagined that last part. The priest tries to talk her down, suggesting she see God as a light through this time instead of the cause. "God is an asshole!" Ruth snaps at him. "Yes, God is a huge asshole, and I fucking hate him for this," agrees Ruth's sister Sarah, who has just arrived. I think it would be funny if Sarah turned out to be talking about something completely different, like a parking ticket. As Sarah goes in for a hug, Father Jack steps out of the way so as not to be struck by lightning himself. Sarah assures Ruth that they'll get her through it. "You're not alone. You're not alone." Sarah, I know you just got here, but maybe you could glance up at the episode title at the top of the page before you start spouting off.

Rico stands by the door to the chapel, handing out programs. The sign behind him reads "Nathaniel Samuel Fisher Jr. 1965 -- 2005," in case you're just tuning in. Oh, and "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan is playing. Nate loves a good cliché, doesn't he? If anyone plays that at my funeral, it had better be the Guns N Roses version. "Let this one be LAAAAAAOUD!"

Sarah goes to the front of the chapel, which is filled with flowers that surround a nicely framed and matted black-and-white portrait of a smiling Nate in a suit with no tie. I'm guessing it's one of Claire's wedding photos. She must be so glad that someone is willing to put one of those up in public. Sarah touches the glass, thinking, If only I could get away with more than a few smudgy fingerprints. That'd teach the smug little bastard not to invite me to his wedding. Then she sits in the front row next to Ruth and Bettina.

And here come the Sibleys. Ruth looks back to see Maggie and George entering quietly. George is wearing a suit instead of a bathrobe, and Maggie manages to not knock over any of the plants in the room as they make their way to seats in the back row. George is looking at Ruth the whole time like he expects her to jump up and throw him out. She disappoints.

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