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Deft, where ith thy thting?

Anyway, because I'm lazy, this week's Top Twelve is straight from the home office at the IMDB:

The Top Twelve Viveca St. John Films:

12. AI: Artificial Insemination
11. The Funereal and The Lugubrious
10. Six Feet Plunder
9. The Sexth Sense
8. Star Whores: The Phantom Mistress
7. Cat on an Electrified Tin Roof
6. Crouching Corpse, Hidden Cat Food
5. Pootie Tang
4. Sword Fishing
3. Marry Me, Lauren
2. Death Becomes Her
1. Neck Hair. 'Nuf said.

Oh, and your assignments for next week are nicknames for Billy and Ed Begley Jr. And there's extra credit for anyone who can get me Lauren Ambrose's phone number. ["Mighty Big TV is not liable for any stalking blah blah blah fishcakes." -- Sars]

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