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Cut to Nate and Brenda in a restaurant. Nate: "Thanks for buying me breakfast." Brenda: "Thank you for finding my G-spot this morning." Aaron: "Ewwwww!" Brenda presents him with a key to her house, and Nate seems pretty happy about it. On the patio outside, however, David is dining with Keith. Uh, oh. I smell wacky shenanigans on the horizon. David is too nervous to eat, and plans on "just drinking coffee until [he starts] twitching and sweating." Keith, however, has done a one-eighty from the night before, and now seems pretty upset with the idea of David becoming a deacon. "We have our very own church in West Hollywood," he argues, "where the diocese and the other churches don't have to tolerate us. And frankly, I resent the notion that I need to be tolerated." Oh yeah, I can so picture Martin Luther King saying that one. I mean, why bother integrating the schools? You shouldn't have to be "tolerated." They bicker some more, until David finally asks, "Can't we just have breakfast without me feeling I'm George Will and you're Cokie Roberts with PMS?" Just as I start to claw that mental image out of my eyeballs, Nate and Brenda walk up, catching David completely by surprise. There are introductions all around, including a racquetball reference and Brenda describing herself to Keith as Nate's "fuck-puppet." Aaron, plus the entire population of France and certain Canadian provinces: "Ewwwww!" Nate asks if David and Keith work out together, and after a moment's thought, David reaches out to take Keith's hand and says, "Yes. Yes we do." Nate proves surprisingly quick on the uptake here, nodding incessantly and saying "that's great" a few times before dragging Brenda off. As they walk away, he tells her, "I think David is gay," and Brenda speaks for a significant portion of the audience when she replies, "I think David is lucky. Did you see that guy?

Back home at The Formaldehyde Fortress, Ruth confesses her affair to Claire. Which fortunately means that everyone on the show now knows about it, so hopefully we won't have to hear these confessions anymore. Oh wait, Rico. Damn. There's some tearful bonding, and it's sweet and all, but someone needs to tell the hair and make-up people that giving both actresses flat, stringy red hair is not the way to emphasize their family resemblance. It's more like they're emphasizing the family dandruff problem. Anyway, Ruth says she's confessed because she wants their relationship to be honest, even if Claire hates her. "I don't hate you," says Claire. "There's just things I have to figure out on my own, and that's normal. And I know stealing a foot is weird, but hello? Living in a house where a foot is available to be stolen is weird." She does have a good point there. The generations thusly bridged, the two women go their separate ways.

Across town, Keith and David are walking out to the restaurant parking lot. David is still feeling the rush of excitement at having come out to his brother, joking about "the way he was all, 'Great! Great! I'm hip, I'm cool.'" Keith reminds him about the Gay Police & Fireman's party, and in a shocking turn of events that everyone who has ever watched TV saw coming half an hour ago, David says he won't be able to attend because he can't miss church the next morning. Keith suggests coming home early on Saturday night, which David agrees to, but when Keith wants to come to church with him the next day, David says no again. David doesn't want to rock the boat at St. Bartholemew's, and he seems pretty honest and sincere in his intentions. Keith flies off the handle, however, accusing David of being ashamed of their relationship, despite having just come out to his brother. David compares his situation as a gay man in the church to Keith's as a black man on the LAPD, which prompts Keith to go totally ballistic. He shouts, "You fucking coward!" right into David's face, and then climbs in his car and drives away. David just looks sad. Aww, buck up, little camper. Given the continuity of your relationship on this show so far, the next episode will probably open with you two giggling in bed.

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