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Dead Man's Hand

Back at the brand-new house that sitting shiva built, the Widow DJ comes over to thank Nate for crashing her husband's funeral, eating their food, and hitting on the rabbi. Well, okay, she really just thanks him for coming, but that is basically what he's been doing all day. She also asks if her husband really was trying to kill himself or not, and Nate tries to find a way to answer diplomatically without revealing that her husband was a total perv. He finally settles on, "I don't think he wanted to die."

Later, at the Bordello of Boredom, Nate returns home to find Brenda lounging around on the bed in a black negligee. She wants him go outside, and come back in as a "dangerous intruder." Brenda thinks this would be great fun, but Nate doesn't seem to be in much of a mood for role-playing. Then again, who ever is? I mean, besides the occasional Dungeons & Dragons fan. Nate sighs, and sits down on the bed looking sad, but Little Miss "Genius" is so wrapped up in her rape fantasies that she doesn't even notice. He finally manages to shut her up the only way he knows how -- by using sex. A tasteful pan up from the floor reveals them engaged in the sort of tender sex that would lead Nate to profess his love and admiration for how "soft" she is. Brenda, however, just wants it "harder." Eventually we fade to white, and Brenda lies there beneath him, looking bored.

We fade back up the next morning, with Keith sleeping beside Taylor's hospital bed. He heads out into the hallway, and is surprised to find David there, sleeping in an incredibly uncomfortable-looking pose. Keith gets a big black sex smile on his face as he watches David sleep.

It's also morning over in Topanga Canyon, where Claire is awakened by the sounds of Joni Mitchell singing "Woodstock." I have to admit that I'm so accustomed to the Crosby, Stills, and Nash version of this song (which I love, by the way), that I didn't even recognize it at first, much less guess the connection with the episode's title. Claire finds Aunt Sarah eating breakfast, and just like her sister, Sarah enjoys waffles and non-product-placed syrup. You know she's the wacky one, however, because she also puts on a few strawberries as well. They discuss how much fun Claire had this weekend, and Claire also mentions how much she likes the Joni Mitchell song. Sarah cheerfully invites all the other Fishers to come visit someday, but Claire whines that Mommie Drearest would never do such a thing. Proving that it's never too early for a wacky aunt to teach you a valuable lesson about life, Sarah replies, "You know, I think she hides inside of herself because she's so afraid we'll reject her. So let's don't, okay? She's had enough heartache for one lifetime." And with that, she hands Claire the Joni Mitchell tape and kisses her goodbye. Unfortunately, however, Loser Boy shows up before Claire can escape. He asks for her phone number, and offers to come into the city to visit her, a fact that I'm bothering to recap only because he shows up in the previews for next week.

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