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Over at Rico's place, Vanessa is sitting on the sofa and trading baby pictures with -- dun dun duh -- Ramon's wife. When Rico emerges from the bedroom, the wife immediately criticizes him for firing Ramon just because he has "different taste in tile" than Rico does. "I know girl," agrees Vanessa. "It sounds crazy to me too, but you know how men are. They go loco with that machismo stuff." Yes, they certainly do. Right there in the living room, in fact. Anyway, Rico remains polite about everything, and eventually the wife leaves. "Baby, you're such a weirdo sometimes," says Vanessa. And in the first instance all season I haven't wanted to tell him to shut up, Rico replies, "Whatever," and heads back into the kitchen.

And finally we visit the Formaldehyde Fortress, where Ruth is sipping coffee alone at the kitchen table. Claire enters, and unpacks her bag right there in the kitchen, for reasons that will become clear in a moment. "Aren't you going to ask me about my weekend?" she wonders. "I wasn't planning on it," replies Ruth. She also reports she "found some slugs in the garden." All Claire can say to that one is "neat." That's about all I can say as well, especially because it's 8:58. Claire heads upstairs to take a nap, and Ruth picks up the Joni Mitchell tape (which is labeled "Sarah's Songs") and starts playing it. Surprisingly, she knows all the words to "Woodstock." Not surprisingly, she doesn't have much of a singing voice. Just then, Claire comes halfway down the steps, and spies her mom singing. And as the song ends on this week's eponymous "back to the garden" line, we fade to white.

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