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Hmm. Do I seem overly bitchy this week? I guess I'm just having a bad day. But at least my salvation has now arrived. Claire pulls up to Aunt Sarah's place in the lean green corpse machine, and parks it at an angle that artfully hides the fact that this appears to be the exact same place they filmed last year's ecstasy-induced interaction between Ruth and The Late Nate. Aunt Sarah comes out to greet her niece, and after some confusion over whether or not it's the right weekend for Claire to be there, she announces that it's her annual "Howl" weekend. "Like Allen Ginsberg Howl?" asks Claire. "Yes!" replies a relieved Aunt Sarah. "So you're down. That's wonderful." Also notice how wonderful it is that they SHOW us that Claire is smart, instead of simply telling us. And I think you all know me well enough by now to understand that a repetition of "smart is sexy" pretty much goes without saying when it comes to Claire. "[Ginsberg] was a dear, dear friend," name-drops Aunt Sarah. "We once shared a flat in Berlin, until I got fed up with the parade of Aryan star-fucker boys." Oh, the irony. Oh, the humanity. She leads Claire inside, all the while running down the guest list for the party, which includes "a couple of freaks and some nasty hippies from [her] drug days." Oh yeah. This is going to end well.

Back at the Fortress, David has called Keith back to demand an explanation for why he called to let him know about Eddie. David seems pretty worked up about the whole thing, whereas Keith remains his usual suave Big Black Sex self. Keith's partner, meanwhile, is sitting beside him in their patrol car, and continuing his quest to win the coveted "Fabulous Furio" award as the show's Best Recurring Character. Keith claims not to have had an agenda in telling David about the break-up, and David ends the call with a brusque "Well, thank you for sharing." The Keithstone Kops mock each other for a moment, and then go back to stuffing their faces with lunch.

Brenda's Bordello of Boredom. Apparently, it's some time after 4:20, because the munchies are out in full-force. Brenda and Hooker Scrunchieface are chowing down on some nachos and being careful to ensure that the labels on their Corona bottles always face the camera during close-ups. They discuss whether or not Brenda should become a stripper, and Brenda evinces amazement at some of the "pole-work" she's witnessed, saying, "I once saw this woman, she could hang upside-down from twenty feet in the air. She looked like an inverted Jesus." Hey! I saw that episode of G-String Divas, too. Also, shut up, Jesus. Uh, I mean, Brenda. The stripping chat continues, with Brenda claiming that she'd be afraid to take off her clothes on stage because she "harbors a vague feeling of hatred about [her] body." Perhaps that's why she apparently never washes it.

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