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Fade back up on Aunt Sarah's Halfway House for Hirsute Hippies, where Claire is awakened by the arrival of a bunch of Sarah's wacky friends. Said friends include a painter, a really loud guy, and a dog wearing one of those big funnel neck-collar thingies. Sarah introduces Claire as "Ruth's daughter," and the painter claims not to have even known that Ruth had a daughter. "Well, if I remember correctly, you certainly knew she had a son," says one of the other friends. Everyone laughs, and Claire's eyes go wide when she realizes that she's looking at the woman her brother lost his virginity to. The friends ask about her family, and Claire replies that "Ruth, uh, my mom, is great. My dad is not so great. He's dead." All the friends are saddened by this news, because they all really liked her dad. They reminisce for a moment about his penchant for using a rolling machine to make joints, and Claire is completely weirded out by the idea of her dad smoking pot. Also, after several hours of careful rewind-and-repeat investigation, I'm pleased to report that Lauren's breasts appear to have returned to normal size. I know you'll all be relieved (or possibly disappointed) to hear that. Oh, and thanks to the people who e-mailed me to let me know that I wasn't the only one who noticed. It's nice to know I'm not the only total pervert in this world.

Cut to Rico's house, where cousin Ramon is setting up to do some construction work on the walls. Rico is getting ready to leave for work, and Vanessa is bustling about and flirting with Ramon while wearing a nightgown with several buttons undone. Rico obviously shares my concerns from last week about a potential affair between these two, because he gives them both a long, lingering look before heading out the door.

Now we head over to Nikolai's Flower Shop of Metaphorical Personal Redemption (where they're having a special fifty-percent off sale on foreshadowing this week). Ruth is babbling about ordering a new spray cleaner, but Nikolai is clearly in a grouchy mood, and couldn't care less. "Why the grumps, Mr. Crankypants?" asks Robbie. Heh. Maybe I'll start calling Nikolai Little Lord Crankypants from now on. I'd like to see them try and have Lauren say that one in an episode someday. Nikolai's anger will have to remain a mystery until next week, however, because he storms out of the room without providing any answers. He does, however, cancel his dinner plans with Ruth for that evening, which leads to a short dream sequence of her eating alone once again. Gathering her courage, Ruth decides to invite Robbie to dinner, and he gladly accepts.

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