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Back at the Fortress, it's time for the DGDJ's funeral. An excited David comes up to Nate and reports that he thinks he spotted the "Jewish Friend" in attendance. "Jennifer Aniston?" asks Nate, which I thought was weird at first until I realized that it was probably just a shout-out to someone else with a reportedly smelly spouse. And speaking of shout-outs, by the way, here comes the best one yet: Nate asks David if he forgot to shave that morning, prompting David to reply, "Yes, and I'll thank you not to discuss my facial hair any further." Bwah! Of course, that's not really gonna happen, but I do appreciate that you've noticed. And Peter, really, it's nothing personal. In fact, it's motivated mostly by jealousy. You've got more hair on the back of your neck than I've got on my entire head. Anyway, Nate calls David over and examines his face closely. Upon hearing that he has a date that night, Nate points out "that's a little soon. The whole 'oops, I didn't know I was sexy' stubble look will actually peak at around noon tomorrow. Believe me. I've perfected the art." Heh again. David hurries off to go clothes shopping, and Nate warns him to "stay out of Structure." It's too bad we don't award a "Gayest Look of the Episode" prize for Six Feet Under, because Michael C. Hall's expression here would definitely be the winner. Even so, it's still a keeper. Once David leaves, Rico approaches, and reports that he's heading home to help Vanessa take care of the kids. And then when Rico leaves, the hot rabbi wanders past, giving Nate a sly little smile as she goes.

Cut to the funeral, where a packed room of guests is listening to a female chazzan chant a prayer that I don't recognize, but which is definitely not the mourner's kaddish. For the record, I want everyone to know that there's not a single red-headed Jew anywhere in the room. Nate gazes at the widow DJ, who's holding a baby and standing in the front row. Suddenly, she's replaced by Brenda, and we cut from that to the obligatory shot of Nate's head. Well gee, Nate. Is that an anvil in your brain, or are you just happy to see me? The Hot Rabbi steps forward to deliver the "fucking eulogy," and quotes the Talmud by saying, "Better is one day in this life, than all eternity in the world to come." I guess that depends on whether or not you're spending that one day writing a recap, now doesn't it?

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