Six Feet Under
Bomb Shelter

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Oh Me, Oh Maya

David sits motionless at home with the cordless phone on the dining room table in front of him. Keith comes in, bitching boisterously about his day at work, and eventually notices that all is not well with David. He thinks it's because The Pasqueasel has gone back on his word, but David tells him its not that. It seems the police called with the news that they've arrested someone whose fingerprints match the ones on the van. David has to go in and identify him. Keith comes around behind David and puts his hands on David's shoulders, but not without a surreptitious "Will this ever fucking end?" eye-roll. Aw, poor David. I hope he'll be able to once again use his wit and resourcefulness to get away from Jimmy Felon again when the latter is in the clink.

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Six Feet Under




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