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I guess not all of the Gorodetskys got squished by a pair of trucks, because Rico "Don't Take My Wife, Please" Diaz and Nate are interviewing the family's lone survivor, an older brother in his early twenties. Rico commiserates over a family picture and suggests cremation, which the kid agrees to, with the ashes all buried together. That should save Rico the time it would take to separate their corpses. The kid just wants a "regular" service, but he doesn't know all of his parents' friends. His one remaining grandparent is in a nursing home and he doesn't really know his aunt and uncle in Florida, so it's just him. He is so not prepared for this. He really should have been, given how stupid his family was. He gestures at the family photo in Nate's hands. "My whole family," he says helplessly. Nate relates silently. He has a gift, you know.

That is one big-ass conference room that David "Iron Mike" Fisher and Keith "Titanium Mike" Charles and a lawyer are occupying. Sitting across the hundred-acre table from them is the guy who had his earring removed by David's teeth. His last name is Pasquese, and I think it would be rude of me to ignore the writers' clear invitation to dub his character The Pasqueasel. Next to him is another lawyer, who's running down the list of hardships that The Pasqueasel has suffered, including nightmares and the inability to enter a sushi restaurant. She adds up the bill: five hundred thousand dollars. That's a lot of sashimi. David reacts with the equanimity you'd expect given his recent state, i.e., none. Keith and the lawyer restrain him from jumping out of his chair and letting his incisors go in search of more jewelry. The attack lawyer and her client get up and leave without his ever having said a word. David's pissed. Keith just wants to know how strong The Pasqueasel's case is. Their lawyer points out that since David did actually bite the guy, the case is "quite good." Keith suggests a temporary insanity plea in light of David's PTSD. Makes sense, aside from the temporary part. The lawyer warns them that that's an option if the case goes to trial, but by then things will already be getting "very expensive." David and Keith look at each other in alarm, both of them contemplating the spendiest yakitori of David's entire life.

Brenda and Ma Chenowith both approve of the lovely outdoor restaurant where they're having lunch. Brenda mentions that she found out about it through Joe, not looking too thrilled that that subject came up before they've even had a chance to order. Ma wants to know if Brenda's talked to him lately, but Brenda feels too guilty: "He feels like I betrayed him and I never took him seriously." Ma assures her, "Well, you certainly did...betray him." And she cackles gleefully. Good one. Brenda insists that she really did see herself settling down and having a baby with Joe. Which, if memory serves, was what triggered her decision to go get herself some Nate-style lovin', but she leaves that part out. She just says that she never thought that she could "have that" with Nate, or that he would forgive her and take her back. Neither did I, except for the way she kept showing up in the credits every week. Ma points out that Nate's going through his own life changes, and Brenda claims to have a better understanding now of his relationship with Lisa: "How you can settle for someone who's just not the person you should be with." The fact that she's right about Nate and Lisa doesn't make the way she says it any less insufferable. Ma leaves it alone, and says that Brenda and Nate remind her of herself and Pa Chenowith. She even gets a little misty for a second, but snaps out of it with a boisterous "God help you." Word to that. When the server comes, Ma orders a porterhouse steak, pleading anemia. Brenda agrees that Ma looks a little pale, but takes an unconcerned bite of bread as her mother excuses herself to the Little Kooks' Room.

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