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I love a man in uniform

Back in the Body Shop, Rico studies a clipboard while drinking a product-placed Hires Root Beer. The phone rings. "What can I do for you, Mr. Gilardi?" asks Rico.

At Lusty Russian Florist’s, LRF watches customer service in action as Morticia Ingalls helps a bride select a bouquet for her wedding and bridesmaids.

Formaldehyde Fortress. Kovitch doesn’t realize it, but the Fisher boys have put together a ceremony for PYB where his army buddies from the initial video letter, who are now in various stages of sickness from the chemicals themselves, gather and bond over their shared experiences. Kovitch enters and asks if his brother is ready yet. He sees the memorial going on and starts to lose his temper. David tries to calm him down by explaining that there will be no charge to Kovitch for the memorial service -- the military benefits covered that. PYB’s army buddies notice the brother’s presence and salute him for fighting the good fight about PYB’s disability case. The black private who kissed PYB in the video gives Kovitch a picture of PYB and thanks him for allowing the military burial, even though he was against it. Although Kovitch is touched by the gesture, he goes off on Les Freres Fisher for allowing a military burial over his objections. Nate sanctimoniously informs Kovitch that PYB was afraid to tell Kovitch what he wanted, but he secretly wanted the military burial, and it’s paid for. "I just wanted your brother to have the funeral he wanted," says Nate. This makes Kovitch cry like a baby and regret that PYB didn’t think he could confide in him. Nate leads him over to PYB’s friends, and he begins the healing process of grieving along side PYB’s army buddies. Wow, I guess we all learned something…

The PSATs. Claire fills in the bubbles to form a skull and crossbones pattern. Wow, what a bitter disenfranchised girl.

Lusty Russian Florist finds Ruth crying in the back of the shop because of the "smell of the flowers." LTF tries to comfort her, telling her she’ll get used to it. Ruth explains that she’s not crying because she’s sad. She’s crying because the flowers are so beautiful, and sometimes there’s just so much beauty that her heart can barely contain it. Oh, wait, wrong clichéd Alan Ball project. That should have read that all her life, she associated the smell of flowers with death. Now she has a job where she gets to help people select flowers for happy occasions: weddings, anniversaries, new babies, et cetera. It touches her to be around so much happiness.

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