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I love a man in uniform

Some church. Private Young Bottom gets his military burial with Kovitch’s blessing. Wow, I was so worried there. I was so emotionally invested in this plot. Oh, wait. Taps plays, and for some reason, Les Freres Fisher are standing at the altar as if they’re members of the immediate family. The flag is folded, and everyone salutes the coffin. Kovitch accepts the flag from PYB’s captain. After the ceremony wraps, though, he hands it to Nate and tells him to give it to "one of his friends." He exits and walks away from the camera, disappearing into that ubiquitous white light. Later, in the cemetery, Nate grabs David, hugs him, and tells him that he loves him. David tells Nate that he "did the right thing today." They walk off into the sunset.

Nate arrives at Brenda’s to take her to the mud baths. Billy is off his meds and sitting on Brenda’s floor, wrapped in a blanket like a Red Cross disaster relief client. He explains that Brenda can’t go away with Nate, because she’s helping him pick out hooker pictures for a gallery show he’s got lined up in Westwood. "You can fuck her some other time," says Billy, who explains that Brenda serves as Billy’s "eyes" when he "goes blind." Nate and Brenda go outside, and Brenda explains to Nate that she owes it to Billy to stay with him through his breakdown since they’ve been through a lot together. Nate accuses Brenda of letting Billy manipulate her. "You think I fucked my brother?" asks Brenda, apropos of nothing. Nate points out that he never said any such thing. Brenda lays down the law and tells Nate that he’s going to have to accept that Billy is a big part of her life. Nate turns and walks away. Brenda tells him to fuck off, then changes her tone and tenderly tells him that she really wanted to go away with him. Nate asks her if he can do anything to help. Brenda tells him to go to the mud baths, relax by himself, and forget about everything. She goes back inside, but gives him a final shrug. Nate picks up his bag and walks off into some more white light.

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