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...oh, look, George! He sleeps soundly and snores predictably, as Ruth wakes up and finally rouses him out of his slumber by telling him that he can't keep things from her anymore. "Okay," he promises. "I was just a grad student. And I accidentally knocked up a young woman from a very wealthy family." He offered to marry her but her family refused, so he "signed something," and they both went on with their lives. Ruth wonders whether he's ever even seen the child, and he tells her that the kid tracked him down a few years ago and that George found him "very unpleasant." He assumed that the kid didn't want to see him anymore, after Kyle dropped the subtle hint of telling George, "I don't want to see you anymore." So George left. And that was it. George makes for the bathroom -- talk of this kid seems to do that to George and the poor woman he's hijacked -- and she yells that she feels like she doesn't know George at all. Huh.

Sssssssh! The subplots are sleeeeeeeeeeping! Brenda sits up in a dream and finds Nate sitting near her bed, wearing one of those dog collar things that keeps them from eating their stitches. Except for the psychic dogs, who know exactly when that collar is coming off and plan accordingly.

Sssssssssssssssssssssh! Nate's phone rings and it's Lisa. He asks her where she is and she tells him that "they won't tell" her. She tells him, "The number three is not important" before asking why he would bury her, what with her not being dead and all. The psychic dogs starts to bark because it knows Nate is about to buy some Milkbones. Y'all, that shit is creepy.

Ruth stands in the kitchen and tells George that she took his address book and called his son and said they'd meet him today, which I guess means he's still living at the same hotel as the one George met him at so many years before. Nate is soon to walk in, and Ruth tells him he looks terrible. Ruth storms out and tells George she'll be waiting for him in the car. Nate sits at the table and George asks if Ruth has always been so "anxious." Nate says that she has, but does admit that it's gotten better since she married George. He asks how she dealt with it, and Nate levels with him: "I moved away when I was seventeen." And George is a bit late for that.

Jennifer's father? Still dead. The sermon rings out and Jennifer cries in her fiancé's arms. In the middle of the funeral, Rico walks away in a fury to answer his cell phone, and asks the caller, "What?" Guess who it is! No, seriously. Guess. Rico continues by telling Infinity that he thinks this whole thing is "weird," adding, "You're not my wife." She turns down the hoochie and apologizes, "I don't ever want to be a problem for you." Someone needs to watch the previews for next week's episode.

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