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Brenda's on top. Can we just skip it?

"That was fun!" Ruth tells George on the way home. George has a stain on his shirt that he's convinced is a result of Kyle spilling something on his shirt. Ruth says that her heart goes out to Kyle , what with his living in a motel and all, but George reminds her that Kyle's family has "major money" and that he doesn't need George. He reminds her that he was the one cut out of Kyle's life, and Ruth all but doesn't hear a syllable of it when she continues, "Maybe we should invite him to dinner." George rolls his eyes and starts plotting his escape. Just leave your jawbone close enough to shore that they stop looking for you after it's found.

Okay, honestly, is this episode almost over? I'm not going out of my way to write a lot, and I can't be stopped. It's not even like I'm driving toward a higher plane, and that the last line of this recap will be, "...and that's what it felt like the day I cured lumbago." Like, honestly. I'm trying to skip stuff. There's nothing to skip. Can't we all just set something on fire and I'll be all, "And this is the part where everything gets set on fire!" and clear out five minutes in one sentence.

But, instead, The Scorpion King. Keith seems to be watching it. David comes home from the funeral and sits next to Keith on the couch. They both fetishize The Rock in a way no gay man ever has, ever. Keith says that he's still not out at work, and David tells him -- and this is a quote -- "I don't care about that anymore. It's boring." Hey, you're not allowed to do that!

And, Maya's back. Who the hell is named Barb? Anyway, on the front walk of the house, Nate tells Barb, "I went to a psychic." She tries to appear understanding, but Nate is too quick to get to his money-shot line: "She said that Lisa is still alive." She asks if he needs help, and tells him, "If you do, you should get it, and not from a fucking psychic" before storming off. Oh, don't curse in front of the baby! Actually, I don't care about that anymore. It's boring. Wow. That really does work.

And, finally, we're back at Brenda's. She's lying on the couch and reading an enormous book called Personality Puzzle, and Joe suddenly pipes up and says that he wants to have kids. And he wants to have kids "with [her]." He tells her that since he met her, "everything seems...." She cuts him off with a kiss and then sits back on the couch. She doesn't want to talk about that anymore. It's boring.

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