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Sarge, meanwhile, put his honkin' boots back on and is halfway out the door. David enters in his bathrobe and asks Sarge what he's doing, and Sarge makes an excuse something something about his team, put his weed in his pocket, and makes for the door. David insists, "I want you to stay," but Sarge rebuffs his begging with a terse "Yeah, I get that. But, like, no." David won't let it go, and Sarge has to ask him in a deaf-guy voice, "Do you have a deafness problem?" He leaves David a joint, telling him, "You could use it." On approximately his fifth attempt to exit gracefully, David throws the joint at his back -- Ow! Plants! -- and barks, "What do I have to do to get somebody to stay with me?" Dude, you have a boyfriend. And your other one-night stand would let you leave. And he gave you crack. And he let you drive, which I love, personally. Sarge adopts a "fuck this shit" attitude by muttering, in fact, "Fuck this shit," and as he finally hits the door, David leaps on his back and not for the first time wakka wakka. Sarge pushes him down to the decorative throw rug, pinning him to the floor and asking, "Do I call the hospital?" David tells him not to, and Sarge suggests, "Get some help. You're losing it." I don't know how he would know that he was unraveling, unless David told him. And I don't know, frankly, when David would have found the time.

Ruth makes her way downstairs into the secret room of death and embalming, where she finds Rico making his gurney and standing in his boxers. She asks what in holy hell is going on, and he tells her that he's having problems at home and he didn't have anywhere else to go. She tells him how sorry she is but adds, "You can't sleep here." He tells her that he'll go, but she clarifies, "Come upstairs. You can have Claire's old room." He smiles, the tiny amount of Bar Mitzvah boy facial growth indicating it's been, I guess, about six weeks since he's shaved. Rico starts to cry and Ruth reassures him, "Your marriage has always been so strong. You'll be home soon." But Rico bawls, "I cheated on Vanessa and she'll never forgive me." Without missing a beat, Ruth hauls off and smacks him on the shoulder -- Ow! A lady! -- speeching on about "you men, always turning your back on what you have. Always sniffing around for something new!" This gives Rico an opportunity to turn it around, accusing her of having "three boyfriends" since her husband died, not including the hairdresser. But she wasn't cheating on anyone. ["She kind of was. She was with Ed Begley Jr. when Nathaniel Sr. was still alive." -- Wing Chun] AND she just invited you to stay in her house, you ungrateful, short cheating bastard. He tries to win her back with a trove of sweet, underrated pity, weeping, "I made a mistake. I just want to take it all back." She taps him lightly and noncommittally, not really caring anymore because boys will be boys, especially when you're actually, like Rico, an actual boy.

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